What you want to see during my senate term! Senator NorthEasternLaws


Hello, as a newly elected Senator, I am all about the people. During my term the people will have a massive say, in my decisions. With that being said, I would love to hear from all fo your ideas, on things such as new bills, ideas for Firestone, thing to bring up, Etc. Don’t be afraid to express what you want to see, I am open to all ideas, and I’d love to hear from everyone!

A little more about me!

Well, prior to becoming a senator for the State of FIrestone, I was and still am a Public Employee with the Department of Transportation. My entry exam into the Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training was recently accepted, so I plan on becoming Certified, which will improve team working skills and will grow relationships within the community of Firestone! I hope during my term I can grow relationships with many normal civilians, but also with my fellow co-workers.


I would really love to hear from all of you so that I can get an idea of what you guys, want to see happen! It is all helpful information which will help me during my term!

Contacting Me

Discord: NorthEasternLaws#3762

ROBLOX Username: NorthEasternLaws




With POST, you can achieve multiple things. Being a Senator without prior LEO experience is hard, and that’s a really brave thing for you to be able to run with this type of experience, so, here are my thoughts.

You should really focus on how the Senate works, as you’re a newcomer to the Legislative Branch. I suggest being quiet for a little bit before you see the vets work and how sessions are performed and such.

When you’re comfortable enough, you should work on co-sponsoring and reading bills and legislation to get a good start on how to write a bill.

You’ll do great.

~ former first time representative, inventize


No LEO experience or government experience, your a brave person. Senate can be a pain at some times. (also a senator too)

I had congress experience before, which is why I ran for the senate. Anyways good luck with the senate!

hope you do well


Give City Governments more shit we can do…

k thxs

As in, let us set our own speed limits, ect without getting supreme courted


could had just suggested that on my forum


Remember to not commit crimes or else you’ll end up like me


The devs control the speed signs sur


i want to see you be a non-corrupt, non-forcing governor to fire fob cough @BennamStyle, and just a good senator


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