What laws would you like to see in Firestone?

Description says it all. Post below

We don’t need a separate thread for our law suggestions. The moderators have already said this.

Pretty sure he’s just a Representative seeing what the people want as per laws to come. Hence why he made his own thread. Furthermore, the moderators have claimed they will not put a category for bill suggestions, implying that you must message a representative. They said nothing (to my knowledge) that has made claims about making a thread as a representative and seeing what the people want.

He is a Representative. He is seeing what they people want. From the looks, doing what every representative should be doing.


I would like to see a District Attorney position come to importance in Firestone. The Office of the District Attorney would be a secondary department, though the District Attorney him/herself would be a primary job.

The function of this position would be prosecuting those who have committed horrible acts in our county and/or repeat offenders. The department would have access to all LEO Arrest and Citation reports (These would have to be mandated, pretty sure that’s coming soon to V2 update). They would use Arrest Reports as evidence for the cases, the officers could be called in to testify as a witness but shall not be at the case as part of the prosecution.

The district attorney shall also be able to implement pleas deals that would have to be approved by the defense, that will negate the need for a trial and will typically be a slightly less punishment that could be implemented if going to trial.

Just an idea that would truly influence the realism of the State.


Firestone National Guard.

I truly hope this matter is already being worked on in addition to the County Courts by the new County Executive–haven’t really seen anything soon. Though, I do believe we will really start seeing something pretty soon.

Sen. Brotix_RBLX,

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Hi, Department of Justice here. We already do this.

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I would like to see amendment 5 fixed so that it doesn’t void multipal (spelling) laws.

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Normally criminal offenses are handled by the DA. The State would not get directly involved with criminal offenses and pursue charges unless through the DA.

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How about a law to make giving a false citation chargeable. This ideal has been passed by the Senate before but the House failed it. So mainly useful laws would be nice like maybe to define illegal parking.

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A bill to define accessory to murder

A bill to illegalize accessory to murder

A bill to recognize fraud as a felony

A bill to define felony murder & felony assault

Speeding Laws & A bill to define felony speeding

~ Sincerely,
SCSO Corporal

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Felony Speeding is speeding x3 the limit or more.

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That’s not possible with our cars and designate speed limits?

Civilians cars have gears you know and some of them like the Dodge Charger has around 8 gears which is around 100 MPH and the legal limit would be around 30-40 MPH

I see, support.

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Should be written as 35 SPS over the posted speed limit.

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and we already have a speeding law

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@SouthernMorales also I would like to see a law that makes spitting on someone illegal. I am not sure what it would be called but nothing is written for spitting on someone or a vehicle.

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Both of which is illegal.

Spitting on someone is considered assault and/or disorderly Conduct.
Spitting on a car is deemed Disorderly Conduct.

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the laws are not written in a way to which I would feel comfortable enforcing them like that.

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