What are some ideas for bills?

Citizens of Firestone,

As promised in my initial election speech, I want to hear from you, the citizens. Reply to this forum with a idea you’d like to see become a potential law in the State of Firestone.

They can be about anything.

House of Representative

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-Nullify “A Bill to define Overcharging/undercharging”, a rushed and stupid bill, full of flaws, that conflicts with the majority of the State’s criminal law. I have already filled a Judicial Review with the Supreme Court, however, that’s going to take a while to be heard.

-Make Improper Overtaking illegal

-Make Reckless Driving an arrestable offense if the driver is a 5th offender or so.

That’s all I can think of right now.


Cause you don’t know the meaning. DM me at (Virginian_State#2807)

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The only ideas you’re gonna get is by going to the county; roam around there to see any problems that you might find if you’re gonna get ideas. You can go around to citizens to ask their concern of certain problems (if they have any).

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