Voting Poll: Old vs New + Development Sugges

( This might be ‘too long to read’ for some people, But oh well When I post a post, it is usually very detailed so it must be long.

So… I was just wondering who likes the New Sheriff vehicles ( black and white )
Versus the old brown ones? I personally liked the brown ones better as in my area, that’s how the local sheriff vehicles look.

Along with that, I think V3 needs new LEO car themes. Here are some ideas: So, I think SCSO needs black vehicles, I Think it would be a huge change for FS and it would make them look very nice. those are the Georgia state patrol vehicles, I’ve visited Georgia to visit my grandfather, and those cars look VERY Nice, I think they should be black, with the scso on the door areas, (like already) with yellow lines going straight across from the hood of the car to the back, a line example, so I’D be pitch black with yellow lines going across, Not only that I do not find the new classic black and white sheriff vehicles, along with there uniform (green and tan) it does not match in my opinion and looks out of place, so I think the New SCSO uniforms should be, Black hat, Black top, and dark blue pants with yellow stripes.

As for FSP and DHS, I think DHS should have blue words for ‘Home land security’ Instead of black, it is more realistic if you live in the U.S, And I also think there man car should be a Tahoe (Like real life here’s an example ) I’d be a lot more realistic the Federal service officers, would use these, of course ss, io, and son on would keep it black, and unmarked vehicles. And please add a Bearcat type vehicle for DHS, it would look kinda like this Now, do note this would be only used in a State of Emergency or ‘Martial law’ and the CRT commander or whatever is there high rank would have to give permission to use the vehicle, otherwise they stay in same ol vehicles. And fsp is good there car theme is perfect for State patrol and with there uniforms so they can stay the same,

Also FS Need more RP vehicles, Vans (for criminals of course) Challengers, and so on just more everyday vehicles.

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the brown ones are the older versions of scso cars w-

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I like the vehicles as they are now. Maybe add in like some trucks to civilians? Box trucks can’t be that hard to make. It’s just a modified tow truck with a box on the back. Just some ideas.

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a CRT bearcat x3 was promised a long time ago by fed :frowning:

still waiting for delivery


No new paint job. The current SCSO paint job is lit.

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shows how much the 2 devs related to this care about this state and how much their word means