VIP Servers

So Roblox released a new update to allow for FREE VIP Servers!

I think it would be wonderful if this was enabled for V2 as it would allow for department heads / supervisors to create their own server and host events within it instead of just telling people to join off their profile / trying to find the smallest server. This would also eliminate people who are not there for the event and also eliminate a majority of noobs in a server for these events. I don’t see the problem with this being enabled. I feel like the pro’s outweigh the con’s significantly.

What do you think?

  • Add VIP Servers!
  • No VIP Servers

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Obviously they can host shifts in an actual game created server. This would be beneficial for special events such as the ASU / FDOA event, DOBW Fleet Day, possibly in game congress sessions, business fairs, races, parades, etc.

This could also be helpful for in-county trainings by just using the VIP server.


and expeditions!

Seriously though, this idea is fantastic.

problem with this is logistics, you clearly cant have the same stats transfer over each server money wise, as this can clearly be an exploited system, like literally exploited

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so unless you have an erlc type system, this won’t work

I still believe the pro’s outweigh the con’s. Stuff can be exploited but it can also be exploited in the real game too. I’d rather them mess up their experience than others.

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I agree, this would be a great for departments. If you haven’t looked at the department TC. They are complete garbage, the cars don’t work properly. Using this as an alternative will be very use-ful for departments such as SCSO, FSP, DHS, DPW, DOT and others. Now it just falls into Fed’s hands and see if he decides to make servers free (highly unlikely)

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if you want, you could just fund a VIP server for one person who manages it and different depts could arrange times that they want to use it, better than it being free and it reduces the risk of exploiters taking advantage of free vip servers