[V3] Train lines detached

The Problem:
Train tracks, and some pieces of road are misaligned causing the train to not be able to go any further along the track.

Expected Result:
The train should be able to move freely across the entire line without interruption.

Reproduction Steps:
Get a train from the Depot, leave said depot heading East and encounter the first set of issue tracks. If you depart West, you wrap around and pass some areas where the line is under the grass.



I also saw this occur a couple of days ago, I couldn’t drive the train for mire then a few minutes without it stopping me

We are aware, and have been looking into this issue. It’s more than just the train-tracks, as it’s been happening to more parts throughout v3. The track issue has been on-going for months, however, no-one has been able to identify the issue.

Track: (as well as your images)




See, this part scares me considering how far into development V3 is…

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Actually quite interesting to see this. Multiple years ago I encountered the same problem, parts were randomly moved out of place in my testing game. I made a new place and it’s never happened since. No idea what caused it.

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It’s a bug with Roblox, nothing we can fix.

Bruh momenüm

The issues with the road and track in Prominence has been fixed, some of the parts/models seemed to be offset by three (3) studs. We’re still looking into the issue at the Firestone International Airport as the issue is not present in studio.