V3, this the new alpha or an update to contribute to alpha and will updates continue as promised?

Disclaimer: I am not apart of the development team or anything related to that matter, this is my personal thoughts on the new update!

As we know 18 months later, V3 got a large update in which it removed the loading screen (RIP you’ll be missed) but it gave new gun mechanics and also ELS for vehicles and much more! But I have a feeling this would be short lived and people will move back to v2 and say v3 isn’t alive. I know that v3 isn’t dead and it is evident through the update and the vehicles that got redone by the vehicle devs. So would there be updates in the future? Yes but unsure when. Env said that his timeline will resume since the roblox studio issues had been resolved.

In game issues I noticed that need to be looked over;
I just joined v3 a while back and I noticed that when I went into the car, I didn’t have the driving animation and my cap clipped through the roof which should be fixed!

Another one I noticed is there are no guides on how to use the keybinds (ex. inventory key) so my solution is for the new players ingame get an NPC that welcomes them and it would be a one time thing. Just a suggestion! Finally, one of the members from FSP said placeables are broken so maybe look into that too (glued to their hand) Otherwise, no issues I noticed yet but this is alpha so there should be some errors here and there.

Finally, this is what I would like to see in v3;

  • A minimap that can be expanded and possibly some waypoints that can be toggled.
  • Remove the magical tree that FSP has.
  • Add a temporary loading screen so things can be loaded when we can play.
  • Finally, developments on v3 in general announcements like the old times to keep the community engaged and still with hope.

What are your thoughts on this so far? Feel free to comment down below!

(I am not trying to cause issues with the new game, it’s exceeded a lot of expectations)


Just a few comments -

  1. To prevent confusion, the gun system added In this update was an old system rigged up a while ago and is not the work of the new developer. I expect that it will be changed, but maybe I’m wrong.

  2. A loading screen will be present, but it’ll likely be how it was prior to this update where you load until everything is fully rendered. I also don’t know why it was removed.

  3. I don’t know why FSP has a magical tree but they do.

  4. Phone has an FS Maps app that will likely be implemented at a later date.

  5. Additional changes will come at a later date. A lot is being rescripted and more is broken. For example, placeables were working fine a week or two ago. Vehicles are also a work in progress as they get optimized and prevent issues like head popping.

Just a few things but otherwise, TLDR everything that is missing or is broken now will be fixed sooner or later, it just depends when the scripts/models are finished or sent to someone with access to add them.

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welp we don’t have a magic fairy yet


bruh what

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yes lol it couldve been a mistake when it was added

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rip people who couldnt run it


ngl, v3 is actually fun now that it’s playable

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This update for v3 is a rescript of everything from October of last year. There are features that were present prior to the rescript that are no longer present. That is because they were not started on or completed during the rescript process. There are bugs that are present here and there, and that is perfectly fine. As long as they are not super game-breaking and allows people to continue playing V3, it is okay to have certain bugs here and there. After all, it is Alpha. Since the update is now out, I am able to work on updates within the live game itself rather than on a baseplate (where I’d have to consistently transfer, test out how it would be in the live game, etc etc etc). We’re looking for constant updates (basically how V2 would constantly receive updates) in V3 and eventually polish everything out and establish the core of the game.

I believe we may be hosting a meeting with our plans in regards to V3. Long story short, don’t expect V3 to be dead for 2 years again, it’ll get updates.

tl;dr; new alpha


This is correct. The current guns are actually Roblox’s open sourced gun framework that we’ve used as a placeholder. The gun developer we hired finished the framework and we are in the process of fulling animating it. They are first person with ADS.

We are also waiting on another possible gun developer that has a better system but currently is on a different contract, hence no time for him to work for us. If he opens up in a couple month, we may look into commissioning him.

The loading screen was overlooked during the rescript. Additionally, we wanted to make the cutscene appear once. It will be re-added soonTM.

Trees are randomly spawned throughout the map. Each tree are separated into different “regions” based on sizes. The spawn rate is also dependent on the rarity of such tree (i.e. there will only be 1 magic tree ever in a set amount of time). However, for the sake of exploration, all trees are completely random.


Alrighty sounds good, I thought the magical tree was an error because it’s sort of unusual lol. Anyway, I agree with you on the bugs that’s in alpha because well it’s the first scripted update we’ve ever had and it’s actually impressive besides the gta iv type of car handling but I believe it would be fixed in the future but now that it’s playable, it gives the community hope that v3 is just around the corner although it’s got a bit until it’s finally complete; however, it is a good sign that the v3 was able to be updated a few days after an announcement was made that v3 will get an update in 1-2 weeks.

Although now, would that mean that v2 would still get more updates? (i.e cars, roads, etc). I understand the updates were added so we wouldn’t get bored and that’s fine but it’s unclear if v2 would continue getting updates like that or starting to move on from v2 to continue on v3. Anyway on the bright side, v3 doesn’t have the old chat system, Redwood beach island (RIP, you’ll be missed), v2 guns for us Leos, lack of vehicles, no keybinds besides cuffs, no els on vehicles, and more that I might’ve not covered.


The goal is to update v3 like how we would update v2 often. v2 would continue getting minor updates to keep it enjoyable for people as we continue to work on v3, so don’t expect development to just suddenly halt for v2. Gotta take breaks on v3 sometimes!


Alrighty then thank you good sir, I do understand v3 may need a break at times since I tend to take occasional breaks from my channel since it’s a lot of work lol. Anyway, my questions have been answered then so this thread can be either closed up or can be used for any other dev that would like to point some things out. and I’ll hope evil Tinker Bell’s tree won’t attack us

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This was removed, I was doing smth and forgot to remove it

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Ah that probably explains evil tinker bell’s tree lol

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