[v3] Jeep Gladiator


Hi all, really cool idea for v3. So many of you know, there is this really cool vehicle that was designed by Jeep and was released a few years ago. It is called the Jeep Gladiator and has been a hit in the offroading industry.

Now my idea is to add a stock Jeep Gladiator but have the option to add a bedcap, improved headlights, or paint accents.

I think it will also be cool if you made this pretty expensive BUT include it pre-lifted, anyone can take the doors off, and have the ability to drop the tailgate.

I think this should also be styled more as a JL rather than a JK as the Gladiator is only available as a JL.



Remember, this is a V3 idea.


This is a perfect example, bone stock Gladiator with a bedcap, slight lift kit, and black accents on the bumper.

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it would also be super cool if there was a feature to transport things in V3 (apparent rumors of that happening) and have the ability to do that with the gladiator

ive seen some of those jeep trucks irl and they are the ugliest car in existance… jeeps do not belong on a truck body LMFAO


they’re not that ugly

i dont remember this in jurassic park but would lowkey want this as a car