[V3] Inability to access V3 game even with access gamepass

The Problem:
Unable to join V3 even while following the other thread which was made about this, waited for a new server. Gamepass has been about 1 month old. Could access the past day.

Expected Result:
Ability to join V3 game after having access gamepass.

Reproduction Steps:
Join the hub, click the play button in the hub for V3.



Just went to see if V3 would work, and yep broken for me too. Regardless of how I went to select joining the game it was broken. We’ve been hyped for V3 for nearly a year now and it’s last update just broke access entirely.
“Updated 10/4/2020”

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Just tried it out, it is broken for me too. It says that I must purchase the gamepass, which I already did.

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first link is the screen where it shows that you are unable due to not owning the gamepass.

I’ve just tried joining to see something and I cannot join no matter how many times I try. Good thing it’s not just me it’s happening to.

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Just had the same problem

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It works for me as I just played a few hours ago, I purchased the game at Pre-alpha for 1k, seems to be a issue for a few individuals, or allowing some to enter/denying some for a odd reason?

Yeah, this is a problem for me too, I even have early access but it no longer lets me enter…

Don’t expect this to be fixed soon…just forget that you spent the money on the game in general, V3 hasn’t been updated for several months now and I don’t think it’s in their time table to release a patch anytime soon.

yea just wanted to show a friend how v3 is like as he had no access but due to that i can’t show him how it is like

you noob they just updated it

@Cuxle its a issue with the 250 robux alpha gamepass i believe

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its with both

seems to be for few individuals or they accidentally removed the alpha gamepass from the whitelisted list

i joined fine

do you have the 1k early access gamepass or alpha gamepass for 250

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GetEnveloped is aware that you are unable to join v3, it will be fixed soon.