(V3) Department lockers broken

The Problem:
Getting gear from department lockers doesn’t work (uniforms work fine however)

Expected Result:
Equipping gear from the locker will put the gear into your inventory

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open the locker
  2. Try equipping or unequipping gear or physical items in the “Clothing” section


Says 16/20 spots are taken but 12 things are in my inventory. Maybe it thinks those 4 items are already in my inventory which breaks it? Not sure though because the number accurately reflects the items in my inventory on DOT.

Video of the problem (idk what the fuck the voices/ laughing are, they’re not coming from me)

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I should note that these are the only things that come up on the F9 log

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This wasn’t fixed today. @blaadam @LegitimateIyRyan

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