[V2] Window Tint

The default windows are pretty easy to see through, and while thinking about how I could customize my car, I thought it’d be a great idea to add window tint levels to the upgrade shop.

  • As the darkness level increases, the cost would also increase.

  • Alpha players could have a level that’s even darker than regular players can obtain.

  • Nitro boosters could get a certain color of tint?


could also have a thing where a certain level of tint is illegal, with a window tint measuring device given to SCSO and FSP, adds another aspect to rp


Roll up in my blacked out pink beetle.

Although I feel like if this were to be added, Fed would make some dumbass rule like “Oh this tint level is illegal and the LEOs would give you a fix-it ticket” or some shit like that.


i know that in a lot of places, at least where I live, tinting a window to a certain point is illegal. maybe make it only so tintable and some players have the option of going past that tint or something but will be warned when they purchase it? it would be cool if leos also had a tint meter which they click on the window and it will tell them the tint. something like this:

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gonna have a fully blacked out durango pulling up on me and just shooting me to death

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