V2 Paid Access

Perhaps an unpopular opinion, and a touchy subject for some, but I truly think with the events of the past few weeks, we should consider making v2 paid access again. This is in response to the recent uptick in exploiting, a lot of which has included people flinging, some shooters, some of which even include god mode and unlimited ammo.

Of course it goes without saying that paid access won’t necessarily stop all of the exploiting, but if it makes a small impact, then perhaps it’s worth it. Of course it doesn’t necessarily have to be a high price either, perhaps just something that may at least deter the exploiting some. There will be imperfections either way, but perhaps it’s just at least something to consider.


too broke can’t pay cus I bought it a few years ago so this is gonna be a no for me

May be wrong, but pretty sure paid access carries over. When it was still paid access not that long ago I was still able to join after paying for access from either the Alpha or Beta stages.

It carries over noob.

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I agree, we should return to paid access

I mean imo when it was paid access V2 was kinda dry…

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it will just be boring if it was back to paid access

i dont see a reason not to put it back on paid access

I returned right around the time that it was taken off of paid access so I really wouldn’t know. I just kinda figured it’d be something worth some discussion though clearly it died down pretty quick.

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roleplay was better when the game had paid access, there were also far less exploiters.

paid access = significantly lower chance of alts who frp and exploit

Paid access would slightly fix the issue, but we still saw occasional exploiters that had enough robux to waste (mostly from group funds of their main account). We should be focusing on fixing the anti-exploit.