V2: Flipping problem for criminals

why are we getting banned for “flipping in a pursuit”??? idk do you expect us to see through the car or something? was banned for “flipping in a pursuit” yesterday and i had NO IDEA cops were asking me to pull over till I flipped and they cuff rushed me out. after going to jail i get banned and for what? we can’t see through the damn car OR ground… we’re gonna let LEOs flip over and continue with roleplay but we can’t, that makes literally no sense.

im not excusing flipping during a pursuit, but sometimes when you have no given clue that you’re being pulled over or wtva ur expected to for some reason recognize it but we’re UNDER THE GROUND.

to top it off why cant we just fix bs like this? instead of worrying about DPW car washes and talking about ur irl police job these are some things that COULD be fixed… like it doesnt make any sense for anyone anymore u cant play the game without shit happening it’s unreal.


PSA: we can’t see through objects.

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100% agreed

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no shit they cant even see through the window because these motherfucking cars are manufactured in kyrgyzstan… agree


we need all the support we can get!!! the game is already screwed enough lets try and get little stuff like this fixed : DD


agreed. LEOs are able to flip during a pursuit but criminals are not. totally bs. everything is biased against crims in fireston

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flag this one too if you’re not ready to accept the truth :clown_face:

Going to have to ask POST to include a section in curriculum or have a policy about how much time an officer would have to drop out of pursuit. Preferably if they flip, they’re out for over a minute at the least UNLESS another officer’s life (who is in the pursuit) is in danger (being shot at mostly).
Department heads should also instate a time that’s preferably like the above.

sounds like the officers were simps

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i normally will just jump and lie down under the car so I can see and then also get out easier but yeah agreed

why don’t we remove flipping in general, dot has to flip your car including leos and we have no frp problem.

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id support this if the cars wouldn’t flip at a slight turn

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That’s BS. The mechanic to flip is there - so let’s use it.

Also for the record no one uses a stop watch or leaves.

It would help if the cars were better. They flip when you hit the slighted turn.

no one waits in a pursuit, and i’m pretty sure post doesn’t address this. why would post or department heads enforce a rule like this voluntary

if criminals cant flip after 15 seconds LEOs shouldnt either
when i flip in a pursuit i just go do radar
or in the extremely rare event dot’s on i get a tow truck

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