[V2] Emergency Services Update


This suggestion will be split up into 2 main sections.


Currently department stations are hardly used except a place to spawn, respawn (insert desk bashing), get a car and get tools/ammo. This suggestion should give more use to said stations.

The FSP and SCSO stations feature a bullpen each in which officers can sit and do… nothing.

I say these bullpens could be re-purposed to be used how a real police station is with the following:

  • Remake the current 911 system where you press the service you want FIRST before filling out the call location and details.
  • When the “Police” button is pressed, if either SCSO or FSP are sitting in a chair in their department’s bullpen, it would transfer it through as a phone call to that officer. If no LEOs were in a bullpen at the time you would just fill it out like how you do currently.
  • LEOs in the bullpen chair would have a UI where they would take the call from the individual and add it to the “Incoming Calls” section with details.

This would also allow people in the bullpens to look up plates for vehicles in game, again giving more purpose.

This would enhance the use for department stations, additionally it makes calling 911 a more realistic experience which can enhance roleplay for everyone.


Currently LEOs in V2 just run around aimlessly, there isn’t really any “patrol”, everyone kind of just sits in Redwood.

Each department’s bullpen features a Duty Supervisor room where supervisors can sit and do… again nothing.

The following is a screenshot of the GUI that ATC get, showing all helicopters in v2 at the time:

This same script could be copied over into the Duty Supervisor’s Seat GUI in the SCSO and FSP stations, where the person sitting would be able to see each vehicle of either maybe either their own department, or all of SCSO+FSP.

This would allow for supervisors to act as actual supervisors, monitoring units and their locations, dispatching units to calls, having certain units patrol certain areas, spreading units throughout the server to search for BOLOs etc…

This would once again enhance the use of SCSO and FSP stations as more than just a respawn and restock point, giving supervisors power to organise how units are spread out for more efficient policing of the area.


As an FSP Supervisor, this would change mass patrols significantly - for the better.


Forgot to add, same 911 system could be added to a bullpen in SCFD station where they can take medical and fire calls.

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I like the idea


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i used to do this for the voice rp, it was very fun and made leos spread out more.

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this is good.

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I think it would be really cool if we had an MDT where information about the call can be relayed to us enroute by anyone acting in the capacity of dispatch


very good idea; on the department side, we could even implement like assigned patrol zones


Thank you for including SCFD since everyone forgets about that, I completely support this forum post idea.


I like the overall idea, but I’m just a bit afraid that random trollers will keep the people taking the calls busy and the job will become boring and annoying due to these trollers, which then means nobody wants to do it and it’s kind of useless.


potentially remediable via a cooldown or (server-only) blacklist button, to force them to use the current 911 system


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Thank you everyone for the continued support on this post, didn’t think it would get that much!


Definitely would allow patrols to be more organized. As a Trooper, I’d feel confident while on patrol knowing there’s someone at the FSP station monitoring things and that they’re able to relay information about calls and situations.


I always loved the dispatching system in Norfolk (all my og’s remember), the only flaw being you had to use a police call box instead of a phone. A communications agency would be an awesome addition to the game (even if only in v3), where actual dispatching exists. This would be an okay substitute for that, though I feel a central dispatching thing like Stapleton Center ATC which sees all units (comparable to Center’s view on all aircraft). Maybe exempt certain DHS units for security reasons and only allow their supervisors to handle that.


Yeah I made sure to mention that SCSO and FSP would only be able to see other SCSO and FSP, I specifically made sure FBI and DHS weren’t on that as it could compromise locations of motorcades, procedures etc.

Another idea to add onto the original suggestion could be having the color of the units on the map change dependant on their ERU status, maybe even making it so if FBI/DHS/SWAT go to “Busy” or “Off Duty” (or maybe add a “Hidden” toggle) you wont show up on the maps, allowing for secrecy if conducting certain operations.




exactly that

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