Unrealisticness of the illegal gundealer and how to fix this in v3

The illegal gun dealer is currently a NPC (Non Player Character). Law Enforcement is unable to arrest or detain the NPC even though they know the exact location of the illegal gun dealer. This is very FRP and a change must be done in v3 to fix this and make illegal gun dealers Real Characters and not fake people.


Make weapons droppable (On death and voluntarily) and add a inventory system (Unrealisticness of inventory) for more

Officer weapons would not be droppable in this suggestion


Add the implementation of dropping wallet cash voluntaraly (in order for illegal gun dealers to deal with criminals)


Congress would have to make dealing a weapon without a license illegal in order for law enforcement to enforce against this.

What are the TWO WAYS that illegal gun dealers would get a weapon?

A: Picking up a weapon from a dead civillian that died with a weapon

B: Have a legal guns license and sell those legal guns secretly.


This thing would work if getting the license would be easier. If this system would be implemented rn then criminals would have really low amount of weapons. At least because there is low amount of people with firearms cert and its hard to get so people with a license wont sell them probably.

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What doctor said. Due to our suprdingly good gun control there aren’t enough legal gun licenses in circulation for this to be a workable system. Though I suppose dropping your weapon when you die is fine.

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illegal gun dealers wouldn’t always be online for illegal people /shrug

Interesting idea, however up for a lot of abuse and a potentially mess of a simple system already in place. Not sure if it would work very well. Also, gotta worry about all the snitches or cops who buy on an alt then go arrest on their main.

Idea is cool, but most likely wouldn’t work.

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We’ve got ratings now?!?

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or you can start to have leo’s being allowed to drop guns so we can have a few dumb gun dealers and increase the fun so i can just catch them

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what should be done is the gun dealer should move to different locations and appear as a different character after each time he/he has been arrested or killed


ok cool

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all weapons should be droppable/robbable. poleec officer
s weapons should be robbable aswell

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Maybe not this exact system but something along the line did this would be perfect

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