UnknownAviation for County Executive

SECTION I. Introduction

SECTION II. Information

SECTION III. County Administration


SECTION V. Remarks

Section 1 - Introduction

I, UnknownAviation, declare my candidacy for County Executive. I would like to start out by saying the County Government is a complete mess and the Municipal Governments don’t fall too far from behind it. I believe the Stapleton County Government has shown its complete lack of competence to properly be in service of the citizens; therefore, the importance of this election is very critical as it will determine the forthcoming changes in the state. I have confidence with the right power overhead of the government then competence and responsibility could be put into place. I believe I withhold the certain qualities to be elected as the next County Executive.

Section 2 - Information

I have been in the firestone community since early v2 experiencing multiple fields in County and Municipal Government. With these fields I have experienced the following; teamwork, leadership, and communication with the public. These are key factors for running in a position over our County Government. I believe a major issue is activity as sessions can take up to weeks due to Councilman not being active. I consider honestly that I have recognized the points of County Government failure and will take action in order to build a stronger government.

Current Experience:

Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office; Deputy First Class

Department of Corrections; Special Emergency Response Team

Department of Public Safety; Investigator

Department of Boating and Waterways; MSB director

POST Certification

RPL Certification

CFL & CFCT Certification

Former Experience:

County Council x2

Arborfield Council x2

Arborfield Chairman x1

Arborfield Press Secretary x1

Redwood Council x2

Redwood Chief Of Staff x1

Department Of Boating And Waterways; MAC Director

Department Of transportation; Employee

Department Of Aviation; Pilot

Section 3 - County Administration

I will keep this short in saying I believe all administrative spots exceed standards exceptionally (unless change is needed). With the newly developed Municipal Police Departments I will have contact with the Mayors in order to establish efficiency with their respective administrative picks.

Section 4 - Goals

Release Bi-Weekly Press releases

Have a solid relationship with the community

Monthly Press Conferences

Monthly County Cabinet meetings open for the public.

Meetings with the Firestone State Executive Branch

Meetings with the Firestone State Legislative Branch

Section 5 - Remarks

I will make sure changes are put into place where they need to be. I will be providing polls to the public in order to include their opinion. By electing me as the next County Executive I will ensure you are electing a competent leader. Please contact me with any concerns on discord at UnknownAviation#1028






How will you rectify this as County Executive? How can you benefit the fire department more than your rival, when he has FFA certifications and you do not?


I believe the issue with SCFD currently is the fact that they only have 2 operational “high command” members. Even though I do not currently have a medical certification I know that I will push to get more ranks filled and get the Department active even if that means in the process some will get removed.


Support and endorsed


Which ranks specifically? How will you “get the Department active”? What are your current thoughts on the state of the department? What are your opinions on the current command staff?


I believe currently the Assistant Chief Positions and Chief Paramedic Positions. The current state of SCFD could be explained by the phrase “barely holding on”. Im not sure the current command staff were ready for the position given to them but until someone else is found they will have to do.

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Which command staff? Given your lack of experience and qualifications within this sector, do you believe it’s fair you to judge whether people were ready or not?


I have been in the community for a quite a bit of time even being in SCFD and one of the first FFA classes under tower. I believe that will full judgement after seeing the state of the department I can say they were not ready for the position.

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So are you referring to all SCFD command staff?


Mainly zep and the field operations captain.

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I see where you’re coming from saying you were in SCFD but from what I see here you literally failed your candidacy back in October of 2020, so you were never a real commissioned member of the department. Hmmm


Yes that was due to some real life issues but I was just stating how I have been with the community for a while and have since then came back gaining positions.

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I see, well I hope your activity has improved since then

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Support! Good luck friend

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