Underwood & Sharkfish "Anything for Firestone" Campaign Speech

FrancisHUnderwood & Sharkfish82

“Anything for Firestone” - Campaign Speech


  1. Introduction

  2. Communication Headlines

  3. Legislative & Executive Branch Relations

  4. Restructuring the Executive Branch

  5. Justice Department & Judicial Branch Relations

  6. State Executive Committees

  7. Statewide Security

  8. County Government

  9. Foreign Entities

  10. Conclusion


FrancisHUnderwood: Greetings , my name is Secretary FrancisHUnderwood. My current occupation is the Secretary of Commerce for the State of Firestone Department of Commerce. I have previously served in the Department of Homeland Security as well as a mentor and instructor for aspiring law enforcement officers within the Firestone Peace Officer Standards and Training agency.
I have been involved with the State of Firestone for approximately one year and two months, and during that year, I have witnessed this state’s reputation fluctuate up and down during its tremendous growth. I have previously been affiliated within the State of Docklands as the former Interim Governor as well as a handful of other Congressional and Executive occupations and have expanded both my knowledge and professionalism from these many former titles.
With this, I have decided to announce my candidacy for the position of Governor of the State of Firestone. My colleagues and I can assure you that my exemplary leadership, focused communication, passionate work ethic, instinctive problem-solving, renown professionalism and a burning passion for politics can allow for a more developed Firestone for all…However, I may not be “popular” or “well known” within the Firestone community, but I am not invested with my, or anyone else’s social status in the State of Firestone. I believe that “all men [and women] are created equal” and that all men and women should and must be represented as equal citizens. I request that all of those criticizing me to look at me as an individual, what I have accomplished, my skills and what I am able to provide for the righteous citizens of Stapleton County and the whole of Firestone, and not solely my social or financial status.

Sharkfish82: Salutations, my name is Sharkfish82. I have been affiliated with Firestone for quite some time now, approximately more than a year or so. I have had a numerous amount of occupations within Firestone which include my official occupation within the Department of Homeland Security as well as being able to, after some time, eventually reach the respected position of Agency Captain. However, all good things must come to an end and I formally decided to retire from the Department of Homeland Security to pursue a political career. After focusing much on my career within Firestone on law enforcement, I decided that I would like a brand-new occupation and I later became a member of Congress and managed to win a seat in the House of Representatives. I gained a large amount of political experience from various influential individuals during my multiple terms in Congress. Those individuals include: Rolerain, Virginian_State, and many others that I met along my informational journey leading to and within Congress. I thank those individuals for molding me and truly making me the man I am today. I believe with my experience and affiliation with some of the greatest leaders this state has seen, I possess legitimate determination, pride and complete transparency as well as honesty, which I assure you allows me to be a more than qualified candidate for the position of Lieutenant Governor.

Communication Headlines:

The Governor and Lieutenant Governor serve at the pleasure of the People, and only the people. In order to fulfill this, we must communicate with the people often and inform them of how their Government is functioning.


  • Introduce an Joint Branch Committee tasked with informing the public of Legislative affairs, Judicial affairs and Executive Affairs.

  • Ensure the Staffers under the Office of the Governor establish Press Releases more often.

  • Creation of the Press Corps. Which, I respectfully assure you, this is not a copied idea, this is seen almost everywhere in the United States of America.

Branches of Government Relations

The Judicial, Legislative, and Executive Branch are one of the most crucial branches within our State. I plan to work closely with the men and women who serve and manage these branches in order to strengthen our relations, and ensure our ideas are being communicated across to each other for the best possible outcomes for the State of Firestone.


  • I will be creating under the Office of the Governor, a branch liaison which will work directly with my Chief of Staff to ensure transparency is maintained between the branches.

  • I will be directing my Attorney General to progressively work with the Judicial members to spread the concerns and ideas for improvement of the State’s judicial and legal system.

  • I will be instructing the Attorney General to advertise how law enforcement officers are able to utilise the Department of Justice in order to correctly and lawfully prosecute criminals, opposed to simply asking for a warrant.

  • I will be working to the best of my ability to make the Justice Department as realistic and as efficient as possible. In my home state the Department of Justice works as (mainly) an independent body. The Attorney General does not serve at the pleasure of the Governor, but by the people. I would like to implement many of these policies into the State of Firestone, an independent investigative body under the Department of Justice, which serves at the pleasure of the Attorney General and the people. As you have seen recently, with the recent “FSPGate” scandal, corruption still exists in this State, though it’s on a miniscule amount, it still exists, most notably with government officials. I would like to name the Attorney General as the “people’s defender” not the Governor’s lawyer. The Attorney General will act independently from any other investigative or administrative body, excluding the Office of the Governor, being able to investigate supposed corruption or criminals affairs ongoing within the state and county government as well as defending and protecting the rights of the citizens of Firestone and their social, financial and legal well-being.

Executive Branch restructuring:

Under my tenure of Governor, I will be restructuring the Executive Branch to ensure transparency between departments and agencies, less disputes, and ensuring departments are actively serving those who require their assistance most, the people. The Executive Branch is one of the most viewed branches in the state, this branch is very important. I will be working with members of my Cabinet to ensure that everything is progressing as smoothly as possible and I will be ensuring that all departments/agencies work together perfectly without any resistance and provide the chances for inter-agency communication and development of understandings.


  • Ensure Cabinet meetings are being hosted more frequently and are on a strict schedule as these meetings assist in allowing a constant update with the new requests and/or problematic/notable administrative actions performed within departments/agencies.

  • Upon being elected, I will be enacting a statewide audit of all Executive Branch departments, sub-divisions and members. I will be ensuring all departments/agencies are being pushed to the highest standard and are reaching high above the status quo for productivity, activity, representation to the public and communication with the public and other departments/agencies. Said audit will include a reviewal of all official documents, members, training procedures, accomplishments and notable administrative action.

State Executive Committees:

In order to understand the issues plaguing every individual’s mind and be able to hear their concerns, I believe that we must give them a platform for them to speak. During my administration one of my biggest ambitions will be to give the citizens of Firestone a platform. I will be introducing citizen committees and boards that are overseen by the Office of the Governor.


  • Law Enforcement Committee, which will contain members of law enforcement and the Cabinet to express their concerns,and allow a platform to share their opinions about what they wish to have happen or talk about any issues that may arise or have arised.

  • Firearms Committee, which will contain members of the public to assist in the campaign to combat firearm violence in our county. The Firearms Committee will be tasked with presenting issues or proposals to my administration to present to the legislature and be able to reduce the amount of violence and gangs in our cities/counties by a significant amount.

State Security:

The well-being of the state is one of my key priorities. Our state has been threatened with violence from foreign states and nations in the past. I will be working with the members of the intelligence offices/departments and the Department of State to provide as much assistance as possible to domestic agencies in order to ensure that the State of Firestone’s state security will not become compromised.


  • Entact the State Security Council yet again, comprised of intelligence directors and a select amount of department directors to ensure we are giving our fullest of effort towards state security.

  • Reaffirm the structures of the intelligence offices/departments to ensure that they are are communicating and updating the Office of the Governor of all affairs or events that place the state’s security in jeopardy .

  • Entact “Intelligence Briefings” on a bi-weekly basis to ensure the Office of the Governor is updated with all of the problems, successes and internal affairs of the intelligence offices/departments.

County Government:

The county government is currently overlooked by the inhabitants of Stapleton County. The county government does not have a unique duty that the Legislative Branch does not. I have seen some comments and ideas from the public regarding the county government and I hope to use them in my term as Governor. One of my priorities will be to create a working relationship alongside the County Executive and attempt to assist with their branches of government or agencies…


  • I have seen this idea many times, and I would like to talk with my administration and the people of the county regarding state congressional laws. Currently, some of the laws passed by the State Legislature are something the county government can do, such as, an “Amendment to make Reckless Driving Harsher”. I will be gathering county officials and state legislature officials to notify them about the state legislature when it involves laws that can be passed by the county government and how we can limit that and allow the county government those abilities.

  • Creation of a channel between the county and state governments to ensure fluid and productive conversations.

Foreign Entities:

During my term, foreign relations will not be a major priority for myself or my administration. As you have seen in previous administrations, having relations with other states or nations has never benefited either party. This is why I will be working with the Secretary of State to ensure a draft of a new foreign policy structure is created which limits alliances, deals, and crime bans. We will be putting our state first before others.


  • Reform the process and evaluation of foreign entities and increase cooperation with foreign entities as opposed to deals…


After reading this manifesto, I hope you are able to view your rightful Governor and Lieutenant Governor, FrancisHUnderwood and Sharkfish82. Our plans are meant to be very clear and transparent, which is that we will do anything to preserve the State of Firestone and improve the state to preserve its future success. After reading this speech, we hope that you see that we will be prioritizing the security and sovereignty Firestone so rightfully deserves. Firestone is in dire need of new, confident, aspirational leaders and new, fresher faces. Our goal isn’t to better our social status or gain power, it is to spread our views and ideas to the rest of the State. We hope that you cast your vote for the correct candidates, to succeed and seal Firestone’s future as a prosperous state and community.

This speech was entirely written by myself and Sharkfish82, the other speech is disgarded and will not be my official speech.

Campaign discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/dzD5bZu

Thank you & Godspeed!


Didn’t you have another speech? And once again: who cares about the citizens concerns regarding the judiciary? More than half couldn’t adequately summarize the BOR so why should their opinion on our most complex system be taken with more than a grain of salt?


I decided to redo my speech. And the citizens voice matter, they are the reason you are Attorney General.

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you redid your speech because ovg exposed your last one


Actually he’s attorney general because he has experience I believe. They aren’t elected…

Just like in the US, judges aren’t elected or appointed with citizen influence; for the sole purpose of the judge avoiding biased decisions to keep their job.

I concur with @DannyboyJurist on the matter.


Please correct me if I’m wrong, but maybe you should retake US government :joy:

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There is 11 people who decided my position, and if you want to be technical only four of them. This is because the vast majority of my work involves things the normal population will never be able to comprehend physically or because it’s classified (spooky), unfortunately. Though I do have an 80% approval rating according to a poll a few weeks back, so I guess I’m doing it correctly.


Judges are elected in some states.

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My state elects judges and the entire Supreme Court of Appeals is being impeached, I shit you not. Judicial elections cause corruption and fuck ups.


West Virginia?

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