Top 5 items/features that need to be added

I’ll keep it short since people don’t like to read my SA’s I post sometimes,

1: A Store with weapons, A Knife would be good for roleplay since saying -stabs is FRP, The knife would do very little damage so it won’t be to abuse it would require at least 10 stabs or so to kill someone. Not to mention like the illegal gun dealer he would only open his shop at certain times. the same rule applies to other tools sold there just maybe different damage, and per knife would cost around 100$

2: Flashlight tool for LEO’S, I Dunno I just think it would be cool seeing an officer holds a flashlight during a traffic stop at night & of course batons.

3: Car customization now, this would be cool like you can drive to a car shop and edit your car, Get custom rim colors, tinted windows, (would be cool for the FBI Since they have no team) and for off-duty LEO’S and cool in general. Now maybe this would be robux (around 350 or so) But it would be a cool feature.

4: Add a prison break system, We all know DOC can and will charge people for prison breaking, But the only way to get out now days is by glitching which is a bannable offense, So I think if you get the chance to go to courtyard or something you should have a legit way to escape prison. This would also give DOC more to do and something for inmates to do while we rot in prison.

5: Add tinted windows for All LEOS, In my area where I live (Near Michigan) All LEO’S have tinted I windows. I live in Merrillville., and here’s a patrol unit I think it would be cool. And especially for the unmarked units. Also I never can figure out why cops have 2 guns in there uniform? They need a belt gear to actually wear like getting a campaign hat the belt would work the same way it would make cops look more legit.

I Would make top 10 but devs would not read it.


One is a gun, one is a taser [Taser is black because, in FSV1, the tasers were black.]

Also the customization is coming I think

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Ohhh, I see I thought cops were tryna. Go dual gun style lol and cool

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All of these ideas are in the works already. Cops also already have tinted windows.

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