Tjrusty for Redwood City Council

Why vote for me? Well I am tjrusty not very know but I love Firestone and want to see Redwood be a better safer town. I have been in Firestone for nearly 1 year and have seen Redwood fail to be safe.

Redwood has a problem with shootings, reckless driving, and vehicle theft. These all can not only be very dangerous but also very annoying. I want this fixed.

My plans as alderman would be to enact laws on Redwood and the citizens operating inside of city limits to make them safer. I would like to limit the use of firearms inside of Redwood in order to lower shootings. I would like to add safety devices to the Redwood Blvd in order to make I more difficult to be reckless and dangerous.

My experience with legislative is very limited within Firestone but outside of this state is more experience. I wish to start my career with Redwood to hopefully fix the safety issues.


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