Thoughts on Transport Service?

All LEO’s having to request Transportation Services from online Correctional Officers (if online), before being arrested by cuffs. Of course, instances of false roleplay or previous logging would negate the need.

I urge y’all to professional and adequately discuss Pros and Cons below.


Community Relations,
Department of Public Safety.

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Fake news. And we OBVIOUSLY have policies regarding it.

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cough cough Good idea. Of course, we would have to certify the majority of CO’s but that won’t be an issue.

We had this system in Version One and it worked brilliantly. I wouldn’t see much of an issue in re-introducing this system in V2.

An alternative option would be that if a CO is online but IS NOT PT Cert, the AO could transport the suspect themselves, as we do have a drop off point in the prison.

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Can verify. Former PB Sergeant.

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so insted of just cuffing and arresting like the game is supposed to, you wanna make someone drive from the prison to god knows where, to pick up someone, so they can cuff them and arrest them>

also if DPS is monitoring arrests to see if people are active, if DOC keeps arresting for us its gonna show dps were very inactive

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Arrest logs are not to monitor activity. Arrest Logs are to ensure repeat offenders are flagged and prosecuted. Furthermore, the arrest logs serve as an official report on why someone has been arrested, which can be used in court, in the event a LEO is sued.

Reference V1. Law Enforcement Officers would request a transport when they have an individual cuffed. If DoC is unable to perform the service, the LEO will make the arrest. If the service is available. LEOs will wait until DoC arrives to make the arrest. Which then they will take a report from the LEO on scene, on terms of the arrest.

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