Thoughts on the sewers and new opportunities [V2]


Wondering what everyone thinks of the sewers. Personally I think it’s a great idea and a pretty cool update, already had 1 interesting SCFD call in there. I believe it opens up a lot of opportunities for new scenarios and perhaps a wastewater/sewage company, especially if the redwood sewers are expanded. Or potentially the system could be enhanced in V3 and municipalities could be responsible for handling waste water and maintaining the sewer system etc (could probably go under DPW too but it’s nice for municipalities to get something to do). An expansion of the system would also be very interesting I think, as like a cool way to move around the map without being seen (though maybe if it expands put more metal grates in so you have to travel to another city the normal way in order to access those tunnels).

It also seems like a fitting place to have an illegal dealer spawn. It’d be really cool to see new stuff happening from this and to have like events to do with the sewers (e.g. mass rp of a sewage leak contaminating water sources or something).


The sewers are cool, it would be cool for a water management department to be made and for them to walk in the pipes and clear blockages, and for SCFD to have some cool calls for the pipes like a SAR for a missing pipe worker or something like that. And this could do some flooding in V3 down by the water.


dear god not another department


Wont be a private business as dpw maintains sewage in v3 qnd already has the equipment to do so.

As dpw (my option / not representing the department) I believe this brings dpw a heck of a lot more roleplays to at into the waste management operations.

We can collaborate with law enforcement and DOT to manage around the road surface to do roleplays such as pipe works, sewage or ovwrflowing drains.

As for companies, the department needs actual tasks to do and doesnt need to be mimic’d by a wanabe dpw company and this would entise people to join dpw and its not like the apps are 24/7 and the training could be done in like 1-4 days with effort.

Im not against companies however and allways aim to do stuff with capital gas, spg CE and SFC ect and this is where mass roleplays for the department form.



dpw gets new shit like every other week lol if you think you’re hard done by try being in scfd

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Fair enough though if it’s already assigned to DPW, I wasn’t aware of that

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Never said we where hard done by or that we dont get features. Yes were granted and I admit that.


he’s british, cut him some slack


so am i

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We have like a sewage suction unit its kinda cool.


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