Thoughts on suicide being FRP

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  • It should be FRP, it is against the TOS
  • It shouldn’t be FRP, it offers a good RP experience

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I’d say about half of the time, people usually will just use that as a means of trying to get out of whatever they did anyway.


should be FRP, but not BECAUSE of the TOS

make it FRP because people abuse it


It’s not FRP
Should be allowed.

Just not prioritize these calls.

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Suicide is always abused due to NLR. Someone will evade you, go to the bridge on 401, and jump. Every time!

  • Next time someone is on a bridge threatening to jump after evasion, we can cuff rush them. If they jump then we pick them up at CD.

  • This also clears space for 911 calls, as we can clear suicide/jumper calls.

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It’s against Roblox ToS, can’t be breaking that.


In my opinion, making suicide FRP was not the right call. It’s as if they loosely interpreted the ToS.

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Makes me feel more gay

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Still not illegal, nor should they be cuff-rushed. Simply ignore them. They cause a disturbance, that’s when you should deal with it adequately.

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Yes, those calls are annoying. I just told them to do a flip when I drive by.


@SouthernMorales Key word evasion. It would be illegal.

im a pro at negotiations on suicide calls and 90% of the time, if they have common sense, they step down from the edge

eh. I mean, it can get interesting, such as when someone cough cough @xKoytoPenguin cough cough requested a few… let’s say… interesting things to convince them not to jump.

I mean, ye it’s against the ToS but heck, it’s called RP for a reason.

Then the negative sides of it are people evading by jumping, etc.

Ima stay neutral in this argument.

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