Thoughts on First Aid Program?

Personally, once again I believe DPS has good ambitions but the way they are going about it is wrong. Not the fact that all LEO’s should not have this cert, but rather their training quality.

Notice in that slide, just tells you what to say during the course of treating someone, but not how to role-play checking. When I asked the instructor how exactly you would teleplay this action, he said palpate the Jugular Vein, when you should palpate the carotid artery (Informed by Echo).

Personally, I am for some type of medical aid certification for law enforcement officers. Whether first aid, EMT-B, etc. Though, I do believe the instruction should be modified and ensure the criteria shows how to roleplay these situations. Otherwise, might as well put “-heals-” in the criteria. On too many occasions, there have been casualties that would leave due to no medical RP starts until SCFD arrives (and their response times are not their fault) or the patient ends the RP.

My First Aid Notes (Examples of Instruction)

Mr. Morality.


sorry boys but i already have my IRL standard first aid certification :triumph: :weary: :muscle:





FSREMT will be looking into this soon upon the public safety un-suspension of Paramedic123 and Nate6612, Head and Deputy Head respectively of the FSREMT.

At the moment, the current F.A course was written by Paramedic123 for the DPS.

Upon reinstation of FSREMT, all courses will be refined before continuing forward.

We also have policy plans in order to limit the number of departments/academies that will be able to produce/revoke/maintain medical certifications (this is not the same as teaching the content). This will not be established until the un-suspensions of Paramedic and Nate.

Also, at the moment, exams are currently a tad bit awkward, it will be more condensed and effective when it’s time.


Why not?

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All I can say is this is some very memey medical roleplay.

coming from the guy that does this stuff for a living


My thoughts on the first aid program: some of the material contradicts what I learned in real life, as an actual CPR certification. As such, I do not ever intend to take this course, as I will not risk having two sources of information in my head for something as critical as CPR. If that means I never hold a position in a department under DPS again, so be it.


DPS just finding things to take over, as if the first aid will teach anything when FSREMT is coming back which is more advanced. Honestly what will this teach us? putting a hello kitty bandage on a small cut?

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XDDDDDDDDDD sir watch ur profanity

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