Thoughts on DPS

Post your opinions on DPS here… I know a lot of people hate seeing DPS intervening in departments and it can be annoying especially when they act like departments are little kids and can’t handle situations themselves. Feel free to post thoughts here

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Personally, I believe the Department has the right ambitions. They’re working on more certifications for law enforcement officers, they’re working administratively to collect data and have logs on officers. Though, I believe how they go about things could defame their ambitions.

For instance, one hypothetical that caused uproar was the Arrest Logs. Which, the department has the authority to collect. Though, the cons to that was the inconvenience it created to make arrests and then fill that out. There were alternatives that could have enriched that that decision and been more convenient to Law Enforcement Officers that are employed under a child department of DPS.

In the end, they are doing what they believe is best for Law Enforcement Officers and basically provide the Civilian Oversight that a Police Commission would do in the real world.

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There’s been about 1000000 of these threads in the past 2 weeks.

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