This Past Night

By now you are probably wondering: What went down past night?

Here is my answer -

  1. Two main events: FFC and BLEE

I try to keep the two separated in my mind and I feel like I did just that.

First off to address the FFC issue, since it occurred first, policetonyR randomly deleted a card of the FFC trello. This resulted in jef ordering me, in his capacity as a judge, to remove tony from the FFC board: In my mind there is something wrong when a judge on the whelm orders me to do something that he knows may or may not be supported by law.

As a result I was concerned that maybe a new judge who would not do such a thing be assigned.

Then the following happened:

  1. I did not have a chance to explain to Sky why I asked for Jefrafra to be removed from the FFC because just after the FFC issue was handled Jefrafra and a member of the SA’s Office decided to go at it in the DOJ discord.

  2. This resulted in the member of the DOJ calling Jefrafra things that if they were repeated here as they would violate the terms of service and Jefrafra calling the DOJ “uneducated”:

  3. Upon learning of the DOJ member stating such I talked with him and made sure that the conduct would stop (it did).

  4. After the argument was on its last leg the DOJ member filed a complaint against Jefrafra to the BLEE for his comments towards the DOJ and Jefrafra filed a complaint against the DOJ member to the BLEE for his comments towards Jefrafra.

  5. The complaint made against Jefrafra to the BLEE made it to the committee first and I felt that I could ignore everything that happened and be able to review the matter on its merits while leaving emotions/personal feelings about of it so I voted aye to hear it.

  6. Upon voting aye Skye_Jones promptly filed a complaint against me for abuse of my power by alleging that I took the position that I had as Attorney General and combined that with a perceived “bias” that I harbored to exact revenge on Jefrafra.

  7. I, as I felt that Jefrafra could have violated the policies of the BLEE, in accordance with the policies of BLEE notified the House of Representatives.

  8. Jefrafra motioned to add a “competency clause” to the complaint against me and ayes it.

  9. I change my vote to abstain in everything (I already abstained from the complaint towards me).

  10. Skye_Jones condemns me for “running to congress” because a complaint was submitted.

  11. I, concerned that due to Jefrafra’s previous statement about the DOJ and his vote on my complaint (since I am an employee of the DOJ), filed a complaint with the BLEE.

These are the screenshots from the BLEE discord:

The vote to invesigate me passed 3 (Jefrafra, UprisingAmerican, Skye_Jones) to 1 (DannyboyLaw) with myself (again) abstaining.

I, throughout all of this, thought that I did the “right thing”.

If I was wrong then I apologize for my actions however, I just wanted to place the facts before this state.

Please have a good night/morning.


breaking news: the people in the judicial branch aren’t all that great



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I stand with Mr. 1superchris2, and there is good reason to this.

It is clear that this is a case of a ‘friend helping a friend’. This being Jefrafra, being assisted by Skye_Jones. Jefrafra is faced with predicament, Skye_Jones hops in assist. I’m not trying to be offensive or cause hate directed to them, but this is simply truth. I can’t comprehend any other reasonable notion to this.

1superchris2 having this statement by Jefrafra noticed and intervened with a complaint is proper, also taking into consideration that almost all cases involve someone directly or indirectly employed within the Firestone Department of Justice, and him calling them all ‘uneducated’, that’s a blatant sign of bias to some degree.

I hoped for some consensual agreement to be erected between the Justice Department and Judiciary after past altercations and dramas, but it seems that this has been undermined. Why can’t we just both get along and hold some decency with each other? While I most definitely can’t speak on that after my extensive thread regarding the Judiciary, I believe these relations require assuage in a timely manner, or else it would worsen.


Literally Chris didn’t even do anything wrong. Skye and Jef just popped off for no reason and it’s Jef’s fault that he got a complaint written for him.
Jef just literally doesn’t know when he needs to stop with the insults before he’s a step from violating judicial ethics. You can be the best judge or attorney in the state, but that doesn’t mean you can call other people UNEDUCATED repeatedly. Jef complains about how no one is qualified to serve on the Supreme Court, yet he virtually gets in trouble every other week for saying something out of line. It’s fucking absurd.

Skye literally just targeted Chris for doing his job. Ms. Chief Justice, I don’t know if you can discern the difference between ayeing a vote to allow the complainee to explain his situation (which Chris did here) and ayeing just to spite someone. You do realize law requires the AG to notify Congress of whenever a judge violates judicial ethics correct?

Regaunde called Jef a jackoff. Honestly, I’ve never even heard of this guy and how he managed to pass the bar exam. Now I personally believe that this should’ve been a doj interdisciplinary matter and not a blee matter. It’s obvious Regaunde knew the consequences of his jackass move and still decided to be a dick about it.

When Danny left the judicial branch I said that there was no one that wasn’t qualified to be the Chief Justice. Turns out, it’s true now. Skye and Jef simply lack the proper temperament to serve as judges for this state. Their biases and behaviors in the public simply disgrace the branch.

Wake the fuck up.


Also if a judge pressures you to remove someone from a board you chair that can’t be proven to have a major consequence, that’s just ethics violations at its saddest

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Ohhh DoJ:Gate do I read here?

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DoJ is a mess, ever since Chris took office the Judiciary has taken shots at the department- sometimes I think they have good reason to call out the flaws because ever person in the state, no matter the position, should retain the right to be concerned with how something or someone is operating, and should be allowed to express that concern in a respectful manner- but anyways, this is Firestone, people get accused of abusing their power and corruption on a daily basis, some allegations turn out to be true, some are left alone and die, I do not know if the allegations in this post are true and I don’t know who to believe because all parties involved have had their credibility called into question before.

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Are you all just ignoring the fact I initiated the complaint against myself? Here’s what actually happened, and I’m on mobile, so forgive the brief overview.

A DoJ employee gave incorrect information to a person seeking legal advice.

I corrected him, and he immediately became offensive (demeaning me for being skipped over for CCJ and the like).

I continued the argument, and reassured the person seeking legal advice that I was and am, in fact, correct.

By law, the judge’s position on the FFC is to prevent corruption and misdoings in the board. Therefore, when I was advised that a member who is not on the FFC deleted a card from the “Blacklist” list, I advised him that I’m enacting my lawful position on the FFC to order him to remove the perpetrator from the board.

I advised him that he is welcome to challenge me in court over overturn it by a simple majority vote of the FFC, as this was not a court order, but rather an order in my capacity as an FFC judicial representative.

To my knowledge, he has refused. Your AG is refusing to remove someone who deleted a card from the “blacklist” list (that is not even a member of the FFC).

At this point, Regaunde has expressed he wished to file a complaint against me for saying that DoJ employees are not known for their education. I happily obliged and initiated the vote to review me myself. It’s worth noting, however, that this complaint was entirely frivolous by the Attorney Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Chris, in a clear matter pertaining to his personal beliefs, voted to review the matter.

Skye, noticing a variety of events that had occurred, identified that Chris was practicing unethical behavior and motioned to review him for misusing his position on the BLEE.

I abstained from that claim (as I am the victim), but I added a competency concern in regards to the fact Chris has filed 2 cases pertaining to double jeopardy, attempted to be a case party from noncourt chat rooms, and a variety of other reasons that would suggest he is not competent to practice law, and I voted in favor of that.

Chris is mad that I’m good at doing my job and he’s not good at doing his. There was absolutely no inadequate performance from my side. I have voluntarily refused from cases which involve Chris, so to claim it’s unethical for me to make a comment that has employees are unethical is comedic. When you consider that Chris and his employees have a 60% prosecution rate (I floated between 95-97%), I don’t think it’s far fetched to say that they’re not known for their education.

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Only like 2 were, but one of them resigned so big oof.

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judicial ethics are non-existent


hey ho, jeff and skye have got to go

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I know you don’t like me personally (though I have no idea why). However, I’ve never done anything wrong in my official capacity, nor has Skye to my knowledge, so your statement has little weight.

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are you trying to people to believe you or what

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I’d love for you to cite things that I’ve done wrong in my official capacity. You’ll find none. :slight_smile:

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That charge was issued falsely. It was not only a violation of C.V, but moreover, the crime of which I have been accused does not exist. It is an easy appeal.

Try again.

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You and skye once you get in trouble do research on the laws and find out it doesn’t work. i mean what kind of fucking clowns are you


Just to be precise…

Skye and I are clowns for researching the law…? We are Justices on the Supreme Court. I’d hope we review the law. Perhaps this is why you were such a bad lawyer.

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