The Voting Center Being Operated by the Government

It would be super great if the Governor and the Lt. Governor had access to host polls, referendums, and other elections via the Trello system we have setup right now for Governor elections. Obviously they would be removed during the Governor election; but, they would be able to have access to it for the rest of the year. This would allow those without a Firestone forms account to vote for Senators, Representatives, and to allow for referendums. The developers could stay on the system and manage it to ensure no Governor goes rogue and does something bad. I think this would be a very important system that the government could use.


Should this be added / developed?

  • Yes! Add this!
  • No. Don’t do this.

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It is already possible. I used it for one election but then not since there wasnt nearly as much turnout compared to forums

It would still be cool regardless. Just make sure there is PR surrounding it so people know to vote.

Or develop a Polls Center… It would be it easier to manage.

Ultimately it is up to @FedoraMasterB98 @pathwaysbball @GetEnveloped. If one of you could make a statement on it, that would be great.

Idea is a good and definitely want to do this for v3.


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