The truth about Candidate Gov Butsworth & Candidate LT Gov OfficerVideoGame

Note: This is not made to insult, defame, slander, or harass them. This is the truth of them in a meeting with me & OVG. I think the people should know who their really voting for
The videos tell the entire story, watch all of them.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

All these videos shed the light for the truth. Vote for a governor who won’t restrict the peoples rights.
This is not a advertisement to vote for FrancisHUnderwood, just know the truth about these guys.


Before this quickly gets derailed or turned into a shitpost, any rule breaking will result in punishment. Keep discussion on topic.

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I didn’t watch the videos yet

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just watched part one, oh my god!
I was going to vote for butsworth and OVG


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At least OVG was a good Governor during his terms. These videos are just being used to expose OVG so people don’t vote for them.


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I watched them and wow. well most of it

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I ask this question: if you’re in another campaigns cabinet, or support another candidate then why should I put you as apart of my cabinet?

The Cabinet is for people who support my run for office under my plans and ideals. We fill the Cabinet to properly execute our ideals.

If you’re running against us, you obviously have different plans, ideals, and opinions. While some may be the same, some obviously differ.

Every single Obama cabinet was replaced under Trumps cabinet, that’s just how it works. They don’t support his ideals, his plans, and his thinking, so they’re removed.

Most times this is not an issue in Firestone politics. Firestone governors like to be nice and let everyone stay put. Not us.

We have a distinct idea for our cabinet members and how they should be equipped to deal with affairs. As you see in Video 1 and 2, we list out every cabinet member, they have made progress.

Underwood has not. He may have been completely screwed by devs, alike DOH, but he’s been there for up to a year. We haven’t seen press releases, job opportunities, press releases calling on devs to do action, etc. While the devs probably wouldn’t budge, it would be nice to see at least little steps of progress, somehow, someway.

Making enemies with a close friend like @FrancisHUnderwood is very tough. It’s politics though. This entire move was 100% politics, and not personal.

The fact of the matter is: Is he being replaced for running his own campaign? Yes. If you’re running against us, you obviously have different plans, ideals, and opinions. While some may be the same, some obviously differ. You’re hired to execute those plans. Fail to do that and you get removed. This is a precaution. I welcome debate and criticism as to how we plan to set up our Cabinet.

"Grey Haired Errand Boy" running for Lieutenant Governor alongside Butsworth.


I support Butsworth and you 100% my dude.


supporter for buts and ovg

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tbh, this post is just exaggeration, i kinda expected something big like fspgate but its just literally ovg and but’s idea of removing a cabinet and all the sudden, he is a dictator


You are literally a prime example of a shitposter. STOP. SHIT. POSTING.

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so its a dictatorship if they want to remove someone from their cabinet based on their beliefs?


watch all the videos to know the full story

Tbh it’s pretty normal for any governor or new leader to replace the cabinet.

As @OfficerVideoGame said, Trump replaced the whole obama cabinet, or most of it at least, because obviously Trump is a conservative republican and Obama is a liberal democrat. Obviously in today’s world the left and right have different ideals and values, so they want people leading departments in a way which will align with their ideas and values in order to accomplish tasks.

I don’t see any issues here. Francis would probably do the same.


I don’t think anyone has enough time to read 5 videos. Maybe a tl;dr or description of each video in the most non-biased way you can?

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The full story? I think I’ve seen enough just skimming right through it.

Francis is running against the two, so to them, it seems un-loyal, which is perfectly understandable especially if running for Governor/Lt. Gov.

It’s their cabinet, they can do as they wish with it, if they deem someone un-loyal, they can kick them out.


im going to bed in like 30 mins so maybe tomorrow

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i understand, but i bet francis supports them even though hes running his own campaign
francis isnt one to hate on other people, and i personally know OVG is a fuckin great guy, he was just pushed to do this by buts to stay as the candidate lt gov

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I like francis and r_udy, I respect what they do, and yes, commerce has been improving from what it was before hand.

However, you can’t call OVG and Buts wrong if they believe in what they’re doing, if they feel like they have made a mistake, it takes 30 seconds to fire someone and nominate someone else, I don’t think calling them ‘dictators’ will be good for any of you, because it’ll just show alot about you and your campaign.

With this, I still support OVG and Buts.