The problem with the FBI

FS: Alright listen, I’m thinking about making an FBI to contribute to the authentic law enforcement community we have here.

Person: Oh cool! Can’t wait to see them in-game with all sorts of equipment to handle situations.


Person: No in-game presence? Ok then… Well since they ARE the forefront department for investigations, I assume they’ll be kept busy with many investigation cases. That would be cool!

FS: Nah bro that’s for IO to handle, the FIB will be given the opportunity… TO INVESTIGATE DODGY OFFICIALS!

Person: Couldnt you just add that task as part of IO’s investigative responsibilities instead of making a completely new department?

FS: Ridiculous, that wont work in Firestone, that’s too efficient and logical!

We’ve been memed, dissapproved and denied to be seconday (understandably). Morale is low and I don’t we the department getting backed as much as it used to.

IO already does 95% of what an FBI on ROBLOX can do.

What was trying to be achieved making an FBI and then giving them nothing to do?

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I mean, just a thought. But are we gonna task a large, executive department that is also a primary LEO department, with investigating corrupt officials that could very well be in that department is fucking genius. I love you Block but come on bud.

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IO is not an investigative division for corrupt officials.


@DannyboyJurist - Ok it sounds like IO are busy bunch, as I would expect. So why cant we do a favour and either take over their investigation responsibilities or even support them?

@Brotix And the FBI is the primary investigation department yet they’re limited to Government Officials only.

The FBI simply has too little to do and could easily change with a careful reform and transition.


Why fix something if it’s not broken?

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Because some things can break easily if not given proper care.

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the real problem with fbi is no one knows what to exactly do with it.


There is a law regarding the establishment of the FBI that can be found here:

Talk to the FBI director though if you have concerns.

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