The Live Officer Fire Training Act (LOFT)

PREAMBLE: To establish a system for training within the county without legal repercussions to allow for our officers to receive the highest amount of training.


SECTION I: The Live Officer Fire Training Act (LOFT Act) shall be established.

SECTION II: The Governor and any individual the Governor permits shall have the ability to conduct a “live fire” training.

SECTION IIA: The Governor and said individuals stated previously shall be required to establish the following during the conduction of the aforementioned “live fire” training:

  1. The designated area being utilized for the training that was announced or determined beforehand, shall be marked/stated to the best ability, restricted and hindered from persons who are not permitted to be engaging through this act.
  2. Any individuals not consented to taking part of the activities involved in the “live fire” training must be considered for the entire duration of the event and any risks to the public shall be mitigated to the best of the ability.

SECTION IIB: Hereinafter, the words ‘live fire training’ shall be regarded as any sort of training undertaken by any governmental entity in order to further the training of that entity or another governmental entity."

SECTION III: The Governor and said individuals stated previously shall have the ability to seize and secure any location deemed necessary for the aforementioned “live fire training”.

  1. Said seizure and securing of a location that does not fall under the jurisdiction of the official demanding seizure must be approved by the Governor

  2. Public property and roadways may also be secured - in accordance with section 2 of this act. Such securings shall be deemed emergent under the constitution of this state. The Governor must approve of said securing of these as well.

  3. Any property being used that is owned by a private entity shall require proper authorization from the person designated authority over the property by the Department of Commerce.

SECTION IV: During the conduction of a “live fire” training as stipulated by Section II, the following shall be so:

  1. During such time as any actions are occurring in the “live fire” training, no participants which shall have consented to be a part of such activities shall be subject to detention, charge, arrest, citation, or civil suit for any conduct which shall fall within the events of the aforementioned training.

  2. Anything that occurs to an individual that has not consented to take part of such activities that is not actively interfering with said training or not accidently affected by the training, then the previously stated shall not be true.

SECTION V: This legislation shall only encompass the physical county as designated by the Founders of Firestone and not any departmental training facilities managed by departments outside the physical county.

SECTION VI: Should any portion of this law be constructed to be “unconstitutional” and thus, ordered to cease to be in effectivity then that part shall be severed from the remaining parts of this law - who shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

SECTION VII: This shall go into effect immediately following after completing the constitutional procedure required.

Chief Sponsor:

The Right and Honorable Senator, Sharkfish82

Co Sponsor(s):

The Right and Honorable Senator, Cenosity

The Right and Honorable SWAT Commander, tacticalwhale21

The Right and Honorable Tactical Sergeant, Mxssc_RBLX

The Right and Honorable Representative, JohnDRyans

The Right and Honorable Major General, Hobo_Bear

The Right and Honorable Lawyer and Lieutenant Colonel, 1superchris2


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