The Gun Prices Need to Be Lowered

This post is mainly about illegal guns, but it could apply to legal ones too.

Lets face it; illegal guns are just too expensive. I mean, the AK costs around 5k each I believe, and the “cheap” Uzi costs upwards of 2k. And lets not get into ammunition costs as well. For my LEOs out there, how many times has a criminal pulled out a gun on you and you manage to kill them basically instantly, before they can even manage to get any shots off? That’s at least a couple thousand wasted assuming they didn’t buy ammo or any other equipment (ATM card, drill). And lets not forget that crimes, like bank robberies, pursuits, murders etc usually never go good for the criminals. And at 8 dollars every two minutes, they barely make any money to even support themselves when you take into account the price for fuel, drills, atm cards, guns and ammo etcetera. Did you know that, at the basic civilian salary of 8/2 mins, it would take a civilian over 8 hours to buy an uzi? (basic napkin math). Imagine waiting 8 hours to buy a gun, and then dying instantly when you go to use it. As an LEO, i’m sure we can all agree that our jobs wouldn’t be fun without criminals. And more and more criminals are driven away from our community because they cant do anything. I’m sure our criminals will agree that THEY’RE experience is boring if they cant do anything.

Furthermore, us LEOs have it EXTREMLY good when you consider that we get free strong guns and ammo, bulletproof windows on our cars, better pay, radios, helicopters, the ability to pop tires, grenades, spikes you name it. Deny it or not LEOs are vastly superior to criminals (I MEAN GEAR WISE). I’m not saying we need to be under developed or have stuff taken away, but there needs to be a lot more support for our criminals too.

So my point is we need the prices for illegal guns lowered. Like, massively lowered. Or we need to increase wages, one or the other. Because i’m sure we can all agree that Firestone isn’t Firestone without our criminals, who I feel as if don’t get nearly as much respect as they deserve in our community. Thanks for attending my Ted Rant.

Officer of the Federal Protective Service


criminals aint made of money ya know

its ironic how 97% of the enjoyment of this game (for all players, civ staff and leos) comes from criminals, yet the community and developers seem adament on runing their experience and enjoyment of the game.

a lack of roleplaying criminals will likely be one of the things that leads to firestone’s death


If tools/weapon prices are lowered people would be inclined to do real crime instead of running over active scenes/CFL warriors


As someone who has criminal friends, I know how shitty the system is.

It’s gotten to a point now where I honestly just let them kill me for free and I just reserve buying a CFL for killing VA’ers, I feel bad for most criminals because either they have to grind for money by doing robberies which in most cases you can never fully get away with or physically buying the money then all to lose it to an LEO or CFL with a ridiculously OP gun, but let’s face it, truth or not Fed has primarily made this state more focused towards LEOs instead of criminals.

In terms of this post, I fucking 100% agree they should be lowered.


Exactly. And criminals would be more active and roleplay more, something SO MANY LEOS complain doesn’t happen but then yet they take no action to fix the fucking issue




i disagree as crims are underrated and that they are the foundation of the state. many people regret this because mainly of the expensive stuff like guns and how LEO’s have many more advantages than us. then comes some toxic cops who are like “cRiMs aLrEaDy HaVe An sRt”. we should at least get one more advantage as this state is already in a crisis regarding roleplay. and the fact that a FPS officer is recommending this proves that crims are treated bad

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Even the robux price of fs cash is way to damn high. And you’re right and its unfortunate how cop based this game is. There needs to be more of a balance between cop and crook or else none of our criminals wont play, and to be frank, I kinda dont blame them. Being a criminal is, as you said, way to much of a grind


knowing the type of person fed is, i doubt this will happen unless our wonderful co founders listen to the community


It’s honestly gotten to a point now where games like fucking Jailbreak have better balancing then a game that’s heavily reliant off of cop & crooks RP…


Spend hours grinding cash
spend another 30 minutes finding the dealer
loose it in 10 seconds because your pea-shooter is outmatched by the standard issue asshole-ripper 9000
get put in time out for 15 minutes


SUPPORT 100%, cant believe a LEO said this, thank you


Its true. I mean I can think off the top of my head good solutions to this issue that wouldnt be game breaking.

  1. lower the prices of the damn guns
  2. increase wages
  3. lower the robux cost of fs cash
  4. lower the cost of storage by a bit
  5. lower the costs for gas and also the high end cars
  6. make leo windows breakable, or alternatively, make civ windows unbreakable

And even better yet, lower the price of illegal guns but keep cfls the same. I say this because most (if not all) cfl holders have jobs which pay at least 2x the amount of the base wage


yes leo should be breakable so we can actually kill cops!!!

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cfls and most cops arre toxic to crims and yet game mods call us crims toxic

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  1. More ways to make money - car-jacking/chop shop, contraband smuggling, etc. A server on a game I use to play called ARMA III Altis life did this really well.

People think that we act the same way out of RP. God damn its a roleplay server so ill roleplay as the asshole international terrorist.


i misread ur thing mb

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I think alot of the toxicity around cfl holders is they not only interfere with us leos, but also even crims are outgunned by the average cfl holder. I think lowering the cost of illegal guns would fix this to an extent. and yes its unfortunate how many people call crims toxic. These types of people base this opinion on the bacon haired rammers and not good crims like phil, cuxle and yourself