The Firestone Democracy Project - August 2022 County Executive Special Election Report



  • dangerzone1111 elected to the position of County Executive.
  • Candidates above the electoral threshold was 0 (a decrease of 1 from the last election).
  • Voter participation was 0, as a result of an automated win.

Candidate participation

With only one candidate (0 above the threshold), the election was automatically decided in dangerzone1111’s favour. This is a part of an ongoing trend in county-level politics and can be attributed to either: an absence of qualified candidates or interest.


The August 2022 County Executive special election was another disappointing addition, evidently displaying how interest is lowering in the office, and perhaps the same can be said for county-level politics.

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I actually disagree with the results of this. I for one was interested in running but believed that dangerzone was the most qualified candidate and furthermore would be beyond difficult to beat. I don’t think it is due to a lack of interest, but rather a general consensus on the effort it takes.

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i wouldn’t say it was an established precedent tbh, its clear that the CE position has had a history of poor participation

who knows for certain tho

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