The Firestone Democracy Project - Approval Ratings of Governors Over Time


  • Not all governors have a poll associated with their tenure
  • Governors may have multiple polls or only one (cannot get a rounded view of their entire tenure)

Discord: The Firestone Democracy Project


Can we PLEASE get a list

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list of?

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idk man canine was pretty up there

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love the commitment, very cool cosine curve. love u


Interesting that approval ratings tend to increase further into a governor’s term (most would expect otherwise), whether that is indicative of the actual quality of a governor or the quality of approval ratings would be cool to look into.

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yeah, as much as i enjoyed making this, there are a lot of flaws to it. as you said, you have to rely on the quality of other people’s research which may suffer because of small sample sizes, timing, and a bunch of other factors


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