The Felon Employee Business Protection Act of 2020

The Felon Employee Business Protection Act of 2020

PREAMBLE: The purpose of this act is to allow hardworking convicted felons back into the working class within the State of Firestone. This is a response to Allow Felons to have jobs within the state (certain jobs) in which a majority of citizens voted and agreed to allow felons to be hired by businesses. In the United States, businesses are encouraged to hire felons as employing them helps them find a better path in society. If they could never get a job what do you think they are going to do? They are going to commit more crimes. The United States encourages businesses to hire felons for easy low paying jobs. I’m not saying they should be police officers but let them have a chance in society and help contribute by picking litter, being a cashier, or being a janitor. This act will allow for the above and help the everyday citizen.


Section 1: The Department of Commerce shall not prohibit high criminal record employees from being hired within licensed businesses nor shall the Department of Commerce consider employees with a high criminal record as being less than an employee and have that be the cause for a business license to not be issued. Businesses are not obligated to hire employees with a high criminal record nor are they prohibited from hiring employees with a high criminal record.

  • Section 1A: The Department of Commerce is defined as: Firestone Department of Commerce - Roblox .

  • Section 1B: Having a “high criminal record” shall be defined as being convicted of felonies or misdemeanors.

Section 2: Exceptions to section 1 are defined as follows:

  • Section 2A: Business owner may not have a high criminal record.

  • Section 2B: The service the business provides shall not be involved in protection or involve firearms.

  • Section 2C: The service the business provides may not engage or encourage criminal activity. In other words, the business should not be considered a “gang”.

  • Section 2D: Businesses shall not allow high criminal record employees to act as security.

Section 3: This legislation shall be enforced Governor.

Section 4: Upon passage from both chambers of Congress, this act shall take effect immediately.

Respectfully submitted to the State of Firestone Congress,

Chief Sponsors:
Senator Clonemep


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