so most of the time during a pursuit, they get a tire blah blah them your stuck with a tire out and there’s a scso sitting at cd almost 24/7 so if we had a way to repair tires at some sus guy BUT there’s a catch, it only works 50 percent of the time

just an idea, if you support it make sure to LIKE


Or instead of it only working 50 percent of the time you just pay like 500 FSD per tire or something like that (idk maybe 100 FSD is better)


just have a repair option at the auto repair shop


That and a to go kit would be cool for everyone.

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maybe this and you can buy a “used” tire pump for a lower price but you take a chance

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Yeah, all these ideas are great. I believe just adding a thing to maybe fergies would be cool instead of inspectors!

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i think the one near pool would be better for crims, as if you’re at fergies you might as well just respawn it at cd

No then it will be camped. Should add that and the repair shop as criminals already struggles enough with campers.

No point in adding it to a repair shop, then there’s no point in DOT fixing up tires then since DOT handles the tire repairs and adding something like that to a repair shop would give DOT one less tool to use.

DOT is barely on to begin with most days (which I do not blame them for), i don’t understand how this would give them one less use when they still require the tool to tow vehicles away that has a popped tire

dot can only repair tires of people who arent wanted, they cant just fix you up if youre being pursued by police

if they make this hella expensive then only wanted criminals will prefer this over dot

That’d be the only use, DOT calls would decrease because why would they call DOT when they can just go to an auto shop? Also vehicles tend to respawn before DOT can even handle them

no point then, it takes a while to earn a good sum of money on civ team as mentioned with hobo’s post of concern for the crims

when I was in DOT (& from seeing what DOT go through now), they get called down to do multiple things every few minutes

traffic light going out, vehicle blocking FNG, vehicle on 401 after pursuit, illegally parked vehicles

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Allowing DOT to focus on more important calls… such as towing and outages. They’re already overwhelmed with calls in v2, this would just help everyone out.

I used to rely on dot but they aren’t always on and most of the time they got like 10 calls to do which makes a really long wait

no… then crims wont have a way to repair their vehicles. 100% should still be added

this is a good idea but i think it should instead deflate your tire over time (speed decreases and your tire also becomes transparent over time) and it can only be used a maximum of 2 times on the same tire without treatment from FDOT!

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Knowing the developers they would probably make it more expensive to buy seeing as everything criminals have access to purchase is atleast 2x more expensive than what legals pay for.

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that is for game balancing sir, i personally do not agree with the approaches they took HOWEVER they did work to an extent

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