Suggestion for LEO and/or Citizens to have Ballistic Armor

With guns being added, legal body armor should be available to any law enforcement agency in the State of Firestone. For the sake of work for the Developers, the least that can be done for the safety of our officers, is having impacted bullets be less lethal (instead of adding a vest, when in reality, the vest is beneath their uniform shirt).

Main Point (Law Enforcement and Citizens)

Now to (my) argument of this: I feel that certain or all citizens don’t have to have the ballistic vest available to them, as this can be abused as equally as guns can. However, just like in real life, a citizen that has NOT been convicted of any felony should be the only ones to own one.


*(I am), of course, able to compromise these vests to be strictly for law enforcement use only. Or, rejoining a game (regardless if a citizen is kicked), you’ll have to repurchase a vest for an ex amount of dollars. Whereas law enforcement are given a FREE set upon joining a server. Again, this is done by the discretion of the developers.

*A second compromise can be the armor level of the vest. Law enforcement may hold double the amount of health reservation, creating competition for their armed opponents who have minimal protection.


Likewise, I am absolutely against regular individuals, and those convicted of felonies, to hold body armor as a threat towards our law enforcement officers. If those sharpshooters out there want some competition, this can be a way to add some of that desired pressure criminals have.

May this also be beneficial to our officers on the line of duty.

What say you, Developers?



maybe down the road


Would be cool for v3, we are gonna get 3d vests there!

desired pressure criminals have.

buys aku
lol too easy not even fun

being a criminal is a damn money dump i swear