Streaming Preferences?

Simple question - it would be greatly appreciated if you were to respond in the comments!

Would you be more likely to:

  1. Watch a stream from an LEO perspective, or;

  2. Watch a stream from a criminal perspective

tl;dr - would you rather watch someone pull people over or watch someone go on a killing spree?

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Honestly I’d personally watch a stream from anyones perspective just as long as I found it interesting, that includes LEO and crim, dot, scfd etc.

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the streamer’s ability to be entertaining is more important than the perspective they’re playing from; don’t really have a preference for either


my streams were a joy!

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imagine streaming

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imagine watching people stream smh

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typically i’d rather watch a LEO since most criminals just speed around the map going 110 and cop baiting most of the time

but there are a few funny criminals i would watch

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I mean me scrib and other few people ran a livestream called LivePD after the actual LivePD got cancelled, it was VERY well on the first day, we has reached 80 viewers at max and a constant rate of 50 viewers for about an hour, we had 3 LEOs in a discord VC and we would transition from livestream to livestream smoothly.

it was fun but it got boring real quick because nobody wanted to participate, we only had the people at the “studio” speaking instead of the LEOs

and yes, 3-4 criminals made a show about LEOs lol


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