Storm527 For House of Representatives

Hello, Citizens of the great Firestone, I am running for the House to show people anything can happen. You may not know me but I’m storm527, I am from Docklands, yes you may not like that state, I fully understand. One of my goals is to show Firestone anyone at any position such as; not being known, can win. I will vote for anything that will help this state, and be important to the state. One of my plans will be to make bills that benefit citizens, such as making people get paid more than they do now. I will plan to work with other Reps as well. Some of my experiences consist of being Docklands Senate, Fairview Senate, Docklands House, and The State of Redwood Governor. Now I am here fully aware that I may lose at any circumstance, but have faith in someone that can help this state. Thank you for your time. - Storm527

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Thank you for your support.

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Elections are done