Statement on Fed's HRS Action

Since Fed LITERALLY threatened to shutdown POST, remove and ban me over a new HRS method that actually provided cover to officers, we have no choice but to revert to the original.

So, the old HRS method was scrapped as it left you exposed to gunfire for up to several minutes. You had literally no cover and I decided to take action to help keep our LEO’s safe. However, fed is very focused on creating a super realistic environment that closely resembles real life… he’s trying to force POST to adapt to the standards of a real-life academy.

In response, Fed did the following:

  • Now prohibits POST from editing our own curriculum. All changes go through him.
  • Threatened to SHUTDOWN the academy.
  • Threatened to TERMINATE me despite him even recognizing my efforts to keep the academy running despite the struggles.
  • Possibly threatened to ban me from the state, although his sentence was vague.

I’ll be taking an indefinite leave to seriously consider my future with this state. I don’t feel I have a place here with a founder who does nothing but reach for power and cause serious problems.

I’ll decide my future with this state within the next 48 hours.



I hope you stay because you did save the Academy multiple times and without you, I don’t know where this academy would be.


Too bad we are stuck in a group that has such a terrible leader who fails to see the truth. He never listens to his community, ever.


This is a hard situation to find yourself in, and wish you the best for whatever you do.


I thought the new HRS formation was better and protected LEOs more, clearly Fed disagrees and wants to use a less protective formation that is more likely to get an LEO killed.


I’m going to be blunt.

Call it here.

Stay around until the good gets going, that’s my philosophy.

It got going.

Don’t plague yourself with inevitable worse experiences with fed because you know to going to happen. Don’t give him a victory.

Best of luck, but i’m going to recommend you seek better days.


There’s one thing I thought about after seeing the images of what Fed had sent you through DMs.

If Fed easily gets triggered or mad because someone had changed his Roblox curriculum to make LEOs have more cover during a High Risk Stop, then it makes me wonder exactly how much of a good IRL Officer he would be. Even with both the Explorers training and most likely the training they’re gonna put him through.


The situation yourself and POST has been put in by the Founder is uncalled for. His views for the state are highly unrealistic.


That’s a um nice flag.


matches the mood


I know the test Fed is talking about. He either took a civil service exam or a chiefs test depending on the department, but either way that test has nothing to do with a high risk stop. I attend a law enforcement academy in real life, I know for a fact he doesn’t know how to do a HRS based off of that test.


So, TEMS got shutdown, now the new HRS system. What’s next?


I’ve been screaming so loud on the tax forums what Fed is doing and now peopke are starting to see what is happening.

Keep in mind, Fed doesn’t run this state, we do. He can’t ban us all.

I believe we should all fight back.


he can ban whoever he wants but ok


You know how many Leo’s die because of the old HRS? IT HAD NO FUCKING COVER, I NEVER DO THE OLD HRS NEITHER DOES SWAT. Ok I’m done


So true


Even though I disagree with the new HRS because the trunk is too high and doesn’t provide cover and there is no reduction in crossfire (and because it’s more effective to adapt to different situations and simply get the suspect boxed and get adeqaute cover), what Fed is doing is uncalled for. He keeps on saying that there’ll be more rp and better tools in v3, but he fails to realize that we’re still stuck with v2 for at least another half year. Also, what he said about him being unpopular, the only reason there’s people in this group is because it’s pretty structured and has different paths you can take. It has absolutely nothing to do with Fee, and most people don’t like Fed even though they say that he can do what he wants. Anyways, Fed needs to start understanding that what happens in real life (or what he alleges happens irl, because he isn’t even in the academy yet) can’t always work on Roblox.


Well really in my opinion A this is roblox not real life, criminals will act differently here than in real life B I don’t see what is so wrong in changing something that doesn’t work to something that does. If we now have something that kills every LEO when they do a HRS and we have just pure corruption because criminals cannot be detained in a safe environment to keep them from harming others. Well here we go we will eventually end up in a state of emergency for a long time until it changes. Because LEOs can’t perform one duty in their job because the founder says its unrealsistic


So he says v3 we want opening doors but like can’t you just keep this HRS until v3 so LEOs are protected then add your door HRS C:


I’ve always been fairly annoyed at Fed and how he manages the group, however there has to be some negative with the positive - nothing can be perfect. There’s a reason we’re all here. Firestone is the best state in terms of government stabilization, roleplay, and gameplay combined - although government is our big plus. There’s so many different options when it comes to jobs and doing things. Although Fed is pretty conservative when it comes to new changes to anything, I think he has a right to be that way.

I definitely don’t agree with the way he struck down your HRS and treated you, however it IS his game. He paid for the group and is still managing it today. He went through some hard things like getting his account hacked (even though his account was hacked cause he was dumb). Regardless, if we don’t really like this state, we should just leave. The problem is, there’s no where else better to leave to. Let’s stick this out and not get tied up in the issues.

tl;dr No one should treat each other like that, but it IS his state and we should let him manage it the way he wants. I don’t see people on Jailbreak complaining to the devs because criminals have an advantage. They just stop playing because it isn’t fun anymore - same here.