State Recognitions and how they fuck up potential fun for not only the National Guard but many Departments as well

Good Evening,

This is a rant about how I fucking hate that we can’t do stuff outside of the like 6 dead states (excluding NY) Fed has recognized for us.

Recently (as of yesterday) Firestone had its chance to have its own “War On Terror” with an ISAF Coalition and everything against the State of Amherst. Two things happened that have stopped this.

  1. Fed put a stop to this cool little fun time because “iTs NoT a ReCoGnIzEd sTaTe”, yeah, neither was fucking Vancouver yet you let use fuck with them if we wanted to, (which we didn’t because Congress are This is just a spoiler to make it look like i’m being rude to Congress when I am infact not)
  2. The Governor of Amherst resigned.

Now 2 doesn’t matter, that’s orange pussying out for some fucking reason and no one knows why.

Its 1 I want to talk about. Back in 2016-18 when the Firestone Department of State, you remember them?, where allowed to freely recognize states the National Guard had alot of fun, for example: The Blockton Deployment of 17, Docklands War 1 & Docklands War 2: Electric Boogaloo, and there was another deployment in a state I have completely forgotten the name of. These were fun times for the National Guard because, get this, WE WERE ACTUALLY BEING UTALIZED TO FORWARD THE STATE’S INTRESTS, but ever since Fed took control of Recognizing states we’ve been stopped from having as much fun as we used to and are now regulated to DHS/SWAT’s Tactical Backup and Transport Unit. Let me list off the current list of state’s we have recognized and their status’s yeah?:
Aigio (Dead & ran by T1Dtony so is gonna be fucked over soon)
New York (Active)
Mayflower (Dead & No longer recognized)
Falcon Falls (Never even got off the fucking ground, why the hell!?)

Its fucking stupid. Firestone is a large state with plenty of resources to share. I wasn’t aware a Republican so into Freedom was also into post WW1 Isolationism. You’d think he’d be all for spreading democracy and whatever else.

I just want to have a discussion on this, I’m not here to change peoples minds, or attack Fed, I’ll gladly do that to his face as I have done for the past half a Decade. Please, share your thoughts and opinions on this, I would really like to know.

Thank you
Lt. Colonel
Firestone Air National Guard

Firestone Department of Aviation

TD;LR: Having Fed recognize states for us is shit for longevity to the state’s Military & LEO Community, please discuss


fed pls let fng have war



FNG company advisor
DPS sec
Everything else


you can honestly do the right thing and not let fed be the one recognizing states. thats what DoS is for.

simply ignore what he says and do the actual war roleplay


Let the state department conduct the business it was originally created to conduct.

And funnily enough, its possible to invade an entity you don’t recognize as legitimate. You could argue the United States didn’t fully recognize Afghanistan when it invaded after 9/11-due to the fact that the US embassy to Afghanistan in Kabul was closed following the Talibans rise to power (Afghanistan - Countries - Office of the Historian)

The United States ALSO went to war with North Korea in 1951-despite never having recognized North Korea (North Korea–United States relations - Wikipedia)


Another thing, not just Fed but congress ruining war. They get so anal “war is pointless we strive for peace!” “We must not harm the citizens.” Just let FNG have fun. Not going rogue but having fun!


yeah fr… what is fed gonna do? ban everyone in FNG?


congress rn is pretty ok with war with a reason from what I’ve seen


^ dont know why people dont just do that


because the people high up – who are the ones that fed dms directly – dont want to irk fed



if there is an interference with fedlaw, fed always has and always will go after the person most in charge of the situation to set it straight. they’re the one that gets banned if they don’t work it out. he doesn’t care about some rando congresspeople or fng members

(speaking as someone who has had fed threatening bans in my dms on multiple different occasions as chief justice & speaker of the house)


Dw Skye… I’m slowing getting power… soon I’ll shutdown the county government for you and fulfill the prophecy




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To be fair, I don’t understand the whole recognition thing…but Fed has his reasons and we just gotta work with that. I will say, the Amherst situation caused a huge boost in collaboration between multiple states (some of who we’ve isolated ourselves from for no reason) and boosted Firestone’s activity in the process (3 FULL SERVERS!). If we have the ability to mutually support state games, I think we should…but again I don’t make the rules.

For diplomatic subjects like treaties etc. that involve embassies, it makes a lot of sense that fed approves, because he’s in charge of making sure the game will run with that embassy. Do I think FNG deployments should be under those rules…not really…because it dampers the activity that Firestone can have WITH conflicts and peacekeeping missions. Not only are we then responsible for handling problems domestically in Firestone, but also “internationally.”

If it were the case that the Firestone Governor was deploying FNG whenever he wanted simply because he got his feelings hurt, then I’d understand completely why Fed would want to limit that. That is not the case, however, and additionally, there are laws in place that prevent the governor from pulling that shit.

All in all, I think Fed can be very reasonable as long as people talk to him. I don’t see using the forums to insult his reasoning going very far, bottom line. He just wants to be kept in the loop.


I’ve always been of the opinion that group staff/leadership is there to handle the things behind the scenes and should really only rarely involve themselves in the actual roleplay unless they hold an actual position in that roleplay.

Though, I completely understand that sometimes intervention or cooperation is needed, such as recommending a new law for something that has been added to the game, it should never be that it limits or flat-out negate a roleplay-department’s role.

Some would even argue that in the hiërarchie of things, group staff is completely outside of the roleplay and should not even be apart of it, having themselves be unbiased in their work on the game so it will be kept fair to all players and not a single group. You will see this often in groups where owners/developers are apart of a single service. You will see that more often than not they get all the fun toys while other services get left behind. I’m going to admit that I have also been guilty of this in the past, and I’ve had my eyes opened to the problems with it since. And while I understand some people feel this is the case in Firestone, I honestly feel that FS is quite fair in this aspect. But that’s my vieuw, don’t pin me on it.

I sincerely hope that we could move towards a model where everything can set their own rules and decide how they’ll handle the tasks they’re hired to do, with oversight from behind the curtain from group staff with a firm guiding hand when really needed.


cuz we dont wanna be banned lol

my last convo with fed was how he was about to ban me

i still agree with sam, just throwing this in


just saying. if fed bans you for doing what the community wants that isn’t even affecting the state negatively. thats a damage to firestone more than anything.

just want y’all not be cowards and stop sucking up and actually try to get this state to be more fun and interactive


oh no yeah i agree, Id just rather coming from the perspective of a department head as one myself not lose what ive spent coming up in like a week 4 years working on.


The forums are here to insult Fedora and everyone else in this state, as long as we’re subtle about it.

I completely agree with you there. it’s his game and we don’t want to go around forcing him to add embassy after embassy when he doesn’t approve.

This is my entire point.

Love you too, no homo