Start working on commerce businesses

It has been confirmed by env that he will work on some businesses and new systems for them.
I will list what we wish to have in v2

Updated ATM’s
We need our logos on the UI when you are depositing and withdrawing your money.
New Banks
We really need a new bank, right now our bank is just a square with 3 messed up clerk windows and a broken door, with some chairs
We want a two story bank, the first floor with clerk windows, proper lines, chairs, security stations, a working door, and behind the clerk windows some props like files and stuff and make a way for clerks to deposit and withdraw the customers money.
Second story is with offices, security room, staff lounge, the offices will be used for loans and all of that.
The vault would be in the underground (like in gta 5 with the pacific standard) v3 if that is impossible

the vault would be in one of the banks we own. not all

we could possibly want a money van

that’s all for what we want for bank of firestone stuff, would make things realistic

ik most will be in v3, but we do want a new building in v2 at least


Yessiree we want these stuff




Waste of time, wait for V3 to do this


You can’t force them to do a shit for you sir, reword your post


We want… We want… We want…

Maybe a please?
Maybe ‘it would be cool to have…’


hell yes

updated ATMs + more ATMs in more frequent places- why not directly outside of service buildings like FSP, DOH/ SCMC, SCSO- particularly DHS, haven’t forgot you guys-, as well outside or perhaps inside major centers such as rogreens?
whenever i drive out of redwood there’s a major lack of ATMs available, and adding more ATMs would be a friggin godsend

new bank
perhaps, yes you have to fix the teller windows, maybe make a GUI for it like the ATMs so you can actually enter and ‘interact’ with a teller on the inside
right now though a whole system for v2 for BoFS would be out of the question since they’re working on v2

reason why it’s three stars though is because this is very, very unlikely, and would be a waste of time for devs otherwise working on v3


right i forgot the please
reason i’m doing this is because env is adding lots of new tech for departments and stuff, so some of the things on the list can be added

not a waste of time
we manage your money
if it’s a waste for new tech then why do we even have businesses, some buildings related to businesses are added too, we also recently got logos so some stuff is being worked on.
v3 we will have billboards and so much new tech, that’s far away, we at least need a fixed building and that’s all.


i’ll explain
v2 would have at least a new building and possibly a new loans system
v3 would have more stuff and yeah