Stapleton Law Group

Stapleton Law Group is a group of citizens, lawyers, officials, and others that are interested in the study of the laws and policies of Firestone.

Together, as a union, we:
Educate our citizens in law and legal proceeding
Support fellow attorneys in court cases
Support the passing of certain bills in Congress
Fight for the rights and liberties of our fellow citizens

The Stapleton Law Group is a civil organization and is not recognized by the government of the State of Firestone.

I’m looking to create a union of people willing to protect and study the laws of Firestone. We lack an institution in Firestone dedicated to the study of the law. Firestone has hundreds of laws, and in order to study all of these, it’d be nice to have a union like this. I’m not looking to run this alone, or have a group geared towards my opinion only, so if anyone is interested, join.

For example, I started to make an index of some of the more important laws in Firestone that prevent corruption in government. I could really use some help gathering all of the important ones together. Sources like these could really help improve legal proceeding in Firestone and make the process of knowing what is legal or illegal much easier, especially for those stuck in the judicial system or wishing to study law in Firestone.

The most important thing to note is that I am not looking for a group that holds any one opinion. I am looking for a diversified group of people that are educated or interested in the laws of Firestone to come together to make the process easier for all.

With the new 100 group limit, feel free to join the group here:!/about


fabulous idea

edit: you should get a bar first though


I do have former experience as a senator, but I do agree. But again, I am looking to create a diverse group of people. I’m not looking to create a group of people that are below me, but a board of members educated in law from all different backgrounds who work together to study law and make the whole system easier for everyone.

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So its basically like ACLU but for firestone.(ACLU represents people but ya know they also have an educational aspect.)


I will be damned before we bring that far-liberal bullshit into FS.


Bro, what far liberal shit? Not that it matters, but i’m a conservative. I’m looking to create a legal institution that studies law and make it easier to navigate the FS legal system for ordinary citizens. No party politics or anything

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Do you have a discord that allows easier access to learn and be apart of your Law group?


I was responding to the ACLU guy


I like your idea. But, I think DOJ may be starting a law school, so you may become unnoticed. Keep up the work!

Good luck,

The Honorable Stamose
County Affairs Committee
State of Firestone Senator
Prominence, FS

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Thank you. I’d love to be a part of that when the time comes, but I’m really trying to form an organization focused on public education of the law and cooperation among legal professionals from every field if you get what I’m trying to say

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