Stapleton County v2 Disconnecting Issues

Since last Saturday, I cannot remain in Stapleton County v2 for more than 15 minutes without disconnecting from the server. Although I disconnect from the server, I can still drive and walk around the map, but I am unable to click on any user interface or send any messages. Also, I can still see everyone and their vehicles, but they too are frozen and unable to be moved. Interestingly, it shows for other players that I am still in the server until I close the window or teleport back to the Firestone Hub. It does not matter what the server size is or how high my graphics are. Before anyone says “get better internet kid” or “ur computer trash”, I have been using the same internet speed for months now and this was never an issue before. I can still do everything else perfectly fine with the same internet connection.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? How can I resolve this issue?

this has been a roblox feature forever - it always lets you move and do stuff when you dc

you can try checking your graphics, make sure its low if your pc/internet isnt the best, and make sure you aren’t running too many things at once

(disclaimer: i am not a tech nerd so i may be wrong)

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for me it’s about every 45 minutes ish, try the microsoft version of roblox and it might work a bit better than the roblox web

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close tabs, lower graphics, close applications you dont use

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