Something to look into (Concerning Prin_Tag)

For some reason it interests me, for some reason it concerns me. But nevertheless, I want it to get investigated because it does deal with some big people.

Prin_Tag sent me this, it was the reason why he suddenly disappeared and it got really weird in Firestone, after I noticed Envelope was acting a little weird when any conversation concerning prin came up, especially to why he was banned.


I already talked about it, getenv locked it, and he will do the same with this one

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There is the possibility that this may contain personal information of FedoraMasterB98. I messaged him about it and he hasn’t responded. This is article however is noted that the information is considered false, so it shouldn’t be a big deal, but being said, I DO NOT intend this article to be about me leaking personal information about Fed, only to spread the word of the incident. -Prin’s response to this -Me talking to fed. I don’t want to get banned over this, I do not intend on leaking personal information, my only intention is to spread word about the incident and solving it.

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You should try

But yeah, that’s pretty messed ip. (Get it, doxxing joke?(I need to rethink life…))
I don’t think doxxing is funny

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Here’s the full story. After the completion of this story, any further individual who brings this topic up again will join him in exile.

This individual went in the Firestone Discord and stated that “I will get the real phone number tomorrow” when Fed stated that the leaked number was not his. It was obvious that his intentions was malicious and he intended on obtaining the personal information of another individual within the discord. After being banned a couple minutes later, he then changed his statements stating that he only said that to protect Fed. In what world does it seem logical to actively searching for an individual’s number to protect him.

For this next part, I will refrain from providing more information as I am obligated to obey by the Forums terms of service and privacy policy. This individual is an alternative account of an already banned account, ghostdeadman. The information can be seen below:

This account was banned for stealing Firestone technology (18 of count). Upon being banned, he purposely kept on adding more models on to his account, thus resulting in a permanent ban. The individual was banned from the Forums and he ended up creating a new account.

This is your fifth answer “dick bag.” From this point forward, any more mentions of him will result in a suspension from the forums. I don’t want to hear about it. It’s stupid, and no one should care about him.

say it was from -envelope

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