SnappyFoes for Senate


Hello Firestone! I’m SnappyFoes. I’ve decided to send in a speech as I’ll be running for senate. I’m gonna start this speech by talking about my great experience within the RP community of Firestone to draw the attention of many.

I joined Firestone most recently and I have enjoyed every aspect of this community. Most everyone has made RP a fun and healthy environment for myself and I assume others, it’s great to see such an advance RP system within this state. I’m very impressed by what I’ve experienced and in return I’ll represent the people of the state for giving myself such a great experience.

Past experience

If I was asked about past experience, I simply wouldn’t be able to tell the people I’ve had past experience honestly. Where is a better place to start than in this beautiful state? Nowhere I’d rather be!

If selected over other candidates

What will I do as senate if selected over other candidates?

I will start by saying I have respect for all candidates who are running, God bless all of you.

I will provide service to our state by ensuring the people have a say in bills that will affect our state in both good and bad ways, I will ensure the people have a say over the majority and minority, it’s about the say of the people. I will ensure the voice of the minority is heard just as loud as the majority. I will ensure all voices are heard and every bill passed has a positive affect on our state for the better.

Elect SnappyFoes to make Firestone great again and build back better.

My advice; Get experience in a municipal government first.

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You’re a pretty active, respectful man within the county however you need more experience

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the municipal and county governments

no support for any candidate that lacks even a sembelence of experience in or out of firestone running for a state-level position

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i agree with them, try to start at county or city council level and work your way up. it will be well worth the wait
anyways, good luck! i will support you once county council elections open in a few weeks!

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Start at a municipal government, and then move to state level government. I’ve gotten that experience in many cases. I look forward to seeing you up high somewhere in the near future

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