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House of Representatives - What I will do
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Over the course of a few weeks I thoroughly decided to becoming an hopefully elected representative, I‘m a open minded person whom is very devoted to making the State of Firestone great. I am a fairly new citizen of Firestone joining in 2016 and then leaving roblox for a bit due to real life issues, however I am back and ready to help the state. I do understand the role of a representative and do assure you I will do my best to help you all. Most of you may not know me at all but I need your trust I need your votes and I will prove to you I am not a disappointment.

House of Representatives

During my term as a House of Representative I will focus myself on collection acquaintances rather than friends to work alongside thus being there competition in the room and friendships can make for unequal choices or poor decisions that can affect the community and whole government process. I will have complete neutrality within the role of Firestone this being said all my opinions, ideas and perspectives come from myself and myself only. I will have to learn the processes to understand how the House session work such as debating, asking/receiving questions, and to properly fill out a bill to be processed. As a Representative you have to know all your facts and everything you bring to the table so you can rebuttal all questions asked by other members thus being said doing a lot of research and studying which I am very good at. As a House member I will be challenged by other members of my chamber this being challenged by your legislative documents to insure they have no loopholes, they are efficient and will benefit the department and the government. I will dedicate several hours to my bills to insure they will the best options. I will have to make sure I can answer the questions asked by other members in my chamber to insure them I know what I am talking about and so they have a wider understanding of my bills. The best way to create bills is to ask the community, What they want to change, what causes problems and what needs to be resolved. I am sure there are many problems we have not found and I want to be a member that helps resolve the issues at hand.

Amendments and Legislation

I will propose many amendments and legislative documents that will benefit Firestone. As I have stated above I will thoroughly prepare a defensive and offensive statement for all my bills I create that would definitely be used on the House floor and occasionally the senate floor if I don’t feel other members in my chamber will not agree my bills. I will always listen to citizens of Firestone, those who have ideas or issues they need to be brought up but do not have a political voice or do not have the right approach to doing so. Out of Roblox, when I leave college I am going to go to university to study political science and chartered accounting. Just giving you an idea of my life choices showing you I understand politics and I do have political views both in Roblox and real life.

My Dedication

I am solely dedicated on the perspectives of the Firestone citizens this being their views on the passed bills and pending bills. I have work hard to write this speech showing that I am a decent person who tries his best to succeed in his position to the best of his abilities with loyalty and respect. I do not plan on leaving Firestone anytime soon and if I get the position I will not leave I will follow my career to the end.


I do hope you consider me as a worthy candidate for Firestone I am a trustworthy member of the community however it may take you sometime to realise that but I will not let you down and that is a fact. Thank you for reading, look forward to reading your replies soon.

Signed, SmoothKush, Hayden
Firestone House of Representatives Election Speech

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