Skipper50789 for Redwood City Council

Citizens of Firestone,

I am announcing my campaign for the Redwood City Council. After the saddening departure of Former Alderman NotFoundDev, a vacancy lies within the Council. I feel I have the skills and tools needed to fill such a position.

I currently aid Mr. Jackson026, Redwood Mayor, within the Office of the City Clerk. I may have been in such office for a short period of time, however, I’ve gotten a feel of how this government runs. I’ve created a few legislation ideas to support our lovely government. As Redwood Alderman, I will strive to provide the best municipal government possible.

Redwood is our main vessel for our citizens, although our crime rate is high. During my term, I plan to reduce that crime rate. Now, we will always have those tourist guests who have no care for our roleplay, but for those who actually know what roleplay is, my term will plan on bettering their experience within our county.

My main plans:

  • Lower the Crime Rate
  • Work with the FDOT to benefit our road systems
  • Pass ordinances to streamline the government operations.
  • More to come

Here’s my list of employers, including experience:

  • Firestone State Patrol - 11 months (Former)
  • FDOT - 6 months (Former)
  • Redwood City Clerk (Current)
  • Firestone National Guard (Current - August)
  • Coast Guard (Current - October)
  • Stapleton County Sheriff’s Office (Former)

If you feel I fit your needs as a Redwood Alderman, please comment “Support”. Thank you for considering me.


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oMG support

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Support from me.

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support, good luck


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You got my support.


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Election concluded. @skipper50789 has won the alderman position.

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