Should there be some type of age limit or group limit on the V2?

Crimes rates are continuing to fly up and its beginning to annoy me, my fellows officers, SCFD members, and everyone else under the sun.

Now, these aren’t just normal criminals who actually RP and a try to make the experience enjoyable but rather these are FRPers, Alt Accounts, etc.

Its become annoying having to deal with people name “IHateFirestone123” or “YourMomG*y”. The experience at V2 is beginning to become not enjoyable when you can’t have just a nice patrol without bacon hairs running all over your car, running up to you during traffics stops, hostage situations, MVA’s, etc.

I almost don’t even want to patrol because of these randoms running around trolling and causing chaos.

I know having 50+ visitors at V2 is amazing but I’d rather quality over quantity. Sooner or later more and more people are going to begin resigning because of this problem. Real life officers don’t have go through 10 pursuits in a whole patrol. Don’t have to deal with people running up, on and in the car they have pulled over OR even their car. Aren’t we trying to go for realism here?

I don’t need 5 cars ramming into me during a pursuit or traffic stop or people running into the middle of the road and jumping in my car.

Why do you think, SCFD doesn’t have many members and members continue to leave? People continuously bombard SCFD members and after a while its gets unbearable. Mack is and amazing Fire Chief and its not his fault his members continue to leave. Its the fact that they are attacked continuously by randoms. Harassed, killed, and abused.

It’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem everyday. This problem will end up affecting us in the future.

[EDIT] The only reason I am making this post is because this topic is continuously ignored and really shouldn’t be.

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There is apparently an age limit, but it should be higher in my opinion.


Well if there is, its obviously not working.


The “Age Limit” is not working. It shold be raised.


Dude, yes. We need to raise the “Age Limit”.


I think it should be raised to six months.


I have to say, V2 isn’t fun anymore. Since the visitor spawn has been moved to the pool RW is flooded with FRPs. They drive their cars into scenes, ram you and the log to avoid arrest.
You can’t call it RP any more and so V2 isn’t fun anymore.

I think we shouldn’t allow Visitors and Tourists to drive a car to prevent stuff like that. Of course they bring life into RW but RW is a Warfield 90% of the time.

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Support, all these kids driving like idiots and spam calling 911 with safechat on…



However, an account age limit alone isn’t really going to do much. It is a matter of a person’s style and sense of gameplay. Some other ways to handle overall FRP is to impose even stricter penalties on FRP/breaking ToS or have paid access (though Fed is very unlikely to do so). Now, to handle the mass shootings that are taking place in V2 all the time, prices for the guns need to be raised higher, especially when to comes to automatic weapons like the AK47s. Illegal gun dealers should not be able to sell an unlimited amount of firearms as it is unrealistic. In terms of car ramming, ever since fergie removed breakable windows, criminals have gotten even bolder in their attacks knowing that they will be protected in their “armored vehicles.” I believe that all LEOs should have the capability of shooting a criminal through car windows so that way, not only will it end all the unnecessary madness, but it will also deter more future attacks like so.


I’m sick of the exploiters that create a new account two (2) seconds after they’re banned by a “Emergency Game Moderator”.

Developers here take like 6 months to make something so simple, and quite frankly, it’s annoying.

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Moving the spawn near Redwood was the problem.

Move it back to Prom, and I’m sure it’ll decrease


That’s a good point too. Legit why was it moved to Redwood? I mean, I understand not being half way across the map. But how about Greendale or Arbor?


Move the spawn and raise the limit whilst you’re at it.


Support, raise the age limit to more than 1 month but not too much and add in like a kick script that kicks people that have specific keywords in their name like IHATE and FirestoneHacks


120 days is a reasonable amount. This decreases the chance of idiot alts and exploitations.

Anything above that time will only decrease tourism aspects of the state, meaning less visitor / member influx, meaning lessened activity.

Anything below that time will increase tourism aspects of the state, along with a greater chance of exploitations happening.


2 Months needs to be implemented
How ever I dont think any updateds will come to our current game,
As told the development team is working on “v3” so I think they will be dedicating it to that, Untill then we will just have to suck it up and deal with it.

However as I said I do agree there should be a age limit

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3 months is good enough.

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we have an age limit that was accidentally removed a month or two ago, it was recently re-added.

we are continuously monitoring and discussing the exact age limit based on many factors, I will not say what it is currently but we do have one