Shedding Light on Issues That Need to Be Handled within our Community

Recently, I made a forum post calling for the prices of illegal guns to be dropped, and I listed some reasons as to why I felt that change was necessary. That post quickly gained enough traction to get the attention of the founders, and by the next day weapon prices for criminals were substantially dropped.

Criminals and LEOs alike were extremely pleased to see some change for the better finally come to support our criminal friends. As happy as people were, I feel as if much more needs to be done to truly save our community and bring balance to our game. I still stand by my belief that Firestone needs BOTH criminals AND LEOS to survive, and the lack of development for the criminal side of things is ultimately going to be what drives them off.

I decided to interview some of our communities most popular and well known criminals, in order to gain an idea of what truly needs to change in order to see the quality of life in Firestone grow.

We’ll start off with the community side of things. The first question I asked EVERY criminal I interviewed was: “As a criminal in Firestone, what are the main issues you see plaguing our community?”
Each criminal answered as follows:

(b0org gave me the following clips: )

A common issue brought up by each one of the criminals I interviewed is toxicity, mainly amongst our law enforcement community. Select individuals in our community attack our criminals, calling them trash and insulting their aim for example, and in return, the moods of our criminals decreases causing them to, not wish to continue playing V2. Furthermore, I was told a lot of our LEOs don’t roleplay within v2. This is a complaint I’ve seen raised numerous times in the discord and it’s something even I’ve seen while patrolling in game. Many cops choose to complain that criminals don’t roleplay, and then go on to not roleplay themselves leaving no room for criminals to have an opportunity to roleplay. V2 is a roleplaying game. Its something we all say and yet it seems as if people forget daily that this community is meant for roleplay. So therefore I call upon cops to actually take the time to roleplay with our criminals, whether you’re a noobie fresh out of post, or a seasoned DHS veteran. Regarding toxicity, we’re all here to have fun shooting each other and making arrests in our little community. Why do we need to log in to escape the toxic madness that is our world right now, only to plague our retreat with that same toxic energy?

Furthermore I asked criminals what change they felt needed to come to our community to make it a better place for them. All of my answers were quite uniform. They all felt that the toxicity in our community needs to be dealt with, and one individual said the game needs to be taken less serious. The toxicity in our community is having negative results. People aren’t gonna log back in simply to get shat on by toxic individuals. And unfortunately, a couple individuals feel as if this issue cannot be changed ( - -

Moving away from the community, I asked what development changes need to come to improve their experiences in the community. Once again my answers were relatively uniform. Our criminals, as well as myself, feel as if criminals don’t have enough things to do in our community. Many of them feel as if we need more activities for our criminals in order to improve their enjoyment of the game ( ). Personally, I cant fathom why we would developmentally ignore our criminal population and deprive them of new and exciting things to do in the community. Criminals make up ALL of the enjoyment our LEOs experience, and yet it seems as if we’re adamant on ruining the fun for our criminal population despite.

Finally I gathered information on if there was any opinion on whether changes need to be made to ensure a better cop / crook balance within the State of Firestone. Simply put, the overdevelopment for LEOS and underdevelopment for criminals is something I gathered needs to be fixed in order to improve the balance between Cop and Crook gameplay. ( - -

These are all issues that need to be changed within our community. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, FS wouldn’t be FS without criminals, who I feel as if don’t get the respect they rightly deserve in our community. Any and all enjoyment we get out of this game wouldn’t be possible without our criminals. Thank you all, once again, for attending my Ted Rant. If anyone would like to contribute with answers to my questions or information, please feel free.

Officer of the Federal Protective Service


thank you!


I think the best we can do is wait for v3 hehe


i agree philip!


completely agree with everything these guys said,
but I don’t think just “waiting for v3” is gonna solve anything, annoying ass toxic cops still gonna be annoying ass toxic cops

fs used to be a roleplay game, now its jailbreak v2

i honestly don’t know if it’ll ever get back to a fun roleplay game, criminals don’t rp bc cops don’t, cops don’t rp because criminals don’t

but please god give criminals stuff to do where they DONT want cops attention instead of only doing things that bring attention like shootouts, robberies, or kidnappings
tbh if criminals actually have something fun to do in v3 i might consider a career change eventually



Support! It would be super cool if there was an organized crime group created by the founders, just like any other department, which would give members massive benefits in game. This would work as everyone within the crime group would be required to do some sort of training and learn better ways to execute crimes. It would also allow for the criminal community to connect and devise elaborate plots. It puts hard working criminals to work and makes it where criminals would rather not be toxic and join the crime group.

Benefits in game:

  • A hangout that is locked only for them, no Leo’s can get in
  • Reduced prices on guns & ammo
  • Possibly a higher wage as you are actively working for the crime group
  • Custom cars just for the group
  • Ability to obtain different types of transportation illegally (helicopters & boat) (obviously with restrictions so they aren’t used everytime).
  • Crime radio that allows them to decrypt LEO frequencies excluding capital (since IRL and in game we can assume they are using very special equipment)
  • A type of radio that allows them to communicate with one another in game instead of only have a one to one call with people on the phone
  • In the base there could be an illegal medic that is significantly cheaper but it is a 50/50 chance on if you will be healed or if you will die from the treatment.

New Roleplays:

  • Hacking into government computers in the DHS HQ. (Required multiple people as one hacks and the others guard)
  • Breaking out the “aliens”. Going to FNG and attempting to go to a secret bunker and rescuing the aliens that live deep within it and bringing then back to the base. You get a reward and the aliens aren’t always at the base so prior intelligence would need to be made by the crime group. (If you don’t want to do aliens then replace it with like a nuclear bomb or something. You steal the bomb then bring it to the base and sell it on the black market.)
  • Prisoner breakout. If you end up in jail then if the crime group is available you can “make a call” and pay people to release you from jail and help you escape. Upon making the call $1,000 would be removed from your bank account and put into a fund. It is up to the people in the crime group to release you or not but if they do then when they safely bring you back to the base the money would be transferred to them. If no one picks up the call in 10 minutes or the inmate is released then the money goes back to the inmate.
  • Illegal Bounties. Everyone in the game can put a bounty on a specific officer that they don’t like OR government official. The money is transferred through a GUI into a jackpot that will be given to whoever successfully kills the person. For key members of government such as the Governor, Lt. Governor, Speaker, CCJ, Court Justice, and the Cabinet, the game would automatically start generating a bounty for these individuals, although people can still add to it. For example, for every 2 minutes the Governor is in game the bounty is increased by $100. Obviously the Governor would have the highest automatic bounty. This would make the protection of the Governor very important as criminals in the crime group will be actively wanting to hunt down the Governor. (For mass role-plays and crime FRP events, moderators could suspend the bounty system). Bounties stay on the individual until someone in the crime group kills them and claims it. Bounties save if you leave the server. It would be cool if anyone could put bounties on Government Officials. This would allow for a new crime to be created that is like paying an individual to kill someone else. Different protections could be made on your investment. If you just send in the bounty then the FBI / IO could find you super easy. If you pay an additional $5,000 to ensure your investment is kept safe and encrypted then the FBI / IO will never be able to trace you. I could see a bunch of ways this could be used.

I hope you enjoyed my ideas for the criminals. For legal reasons this is all just for suggestions for the gameplay and all just a joke. Although it would be mega cool if some of these ideas could be implemented into V3


Support 100% as this would give criminals PLENTY of new activities to improve roleplay and user enjoyment overall. Maybe instead of having the mafia ran by the founders, have it ran by a member of the community instead


You only get really good dev support if it is backed by the founders. Business for example get a custom building or a car max. Also, it ensures stability with the crime group as if the leader become inactive the founder can step in and replace the leader allowing the group to keep running.


Support to clone and the original post


tldr please






now i can RESPOND properly that im on pc

you’re completely correct, but its just a hope at this point tbh

YES. this is literally a major factor of why I don’t even wanna do half the crimes I do, use to be 72hrs which was fucking stupid as shit, but thankfully changed to like 10 now?
10 hours is still a LOT for a videogame. imagine you got arrested in like FiveM or Mayflower, you’d end up stop playing because it’s just stupid to even be arrested for that long.

this would be like, actually so cool if this were to happen, some sort of “crime department” in which select few are allowed in depending on their moderation history (discord & game)

or entering DOC by “hacking” your way in and receiving the entire system’s access!

another roleplay thing that can be done is smuggling crates with ammunition and weaponry straight to Paws to fund his guns, in which we’d get paid for!




Cool post, I hope that some of these things that were listed in this post and comment section can be added to v2, and if not to v2, at least to v3.

Since there are a good amount of things that are in need of scripting, I shall tag @lidels as he works on v3 - have a look, cool ideas here that could make things more fun for everyone.

In addition, if some transport tasks would be added - a good idea would be to have a version for civilians, so they can do it legally, and one for criminals that is illegal, to make things more fun to normal civs as well.


yeah it’d be a cool addition for everyone, grinding to get new cars, boats, etc. I myself would spend majority of my time in V2 grinding for money if that were a thing


i will say that criminals do not get a lot of perks and it shows. i also see from their stance on how leo’s can become toxic or do not roleplay for shit. i’ve tried working on that recently to not act toxic towards criminals or really anyone. i’ve also worked on roleplaying more instead of immediately trying to use tools in non rp ways to end a situation. but mad respect to the criminals that do play and put up with our bullshit and dealing with the perks leo’s receive and not crims.


To be honest I would’ve been criminal if it wasn’t for this factor, considering too that you get no pay in jail.


Overall support to both this post and any suggestion replies!!!


make like a group with which criminal organizations can ally

kinda like how businesses ally with commerce

Then members of the allied criminal organizations get benefits and maybe even throw in some turfs of shit, fraud, more robberies idk give em something to do

Great effort from everyone tbh to resolve this issue

I AM PROUD of this community