Senate Special Elections of August 2020

Firestone State Senate Special Election of August 2020

The State of Firestone Senate is the second chamber of the bi-cameral legislature of the State of Firestone. The Firestone Senate is tasked with creating and passing legislature, same as the House of Representatives. The Senate is also tasked with confirming nominees for government positions.

The Firestone Senate is a PRIMARY position. You may not, once being elected, hold any primary positions.

Positions Available: 1

Required Signatures: 16

Election Sponsor: Lieutenant Governor Sharkfish82

Election Guidelines

  • Candidates must create a speech
  • The speech must have been created ON THE FORUMS after the creation of this announcement
  • Candidates may not slander other candidates
  • Candidates may not have an excessive criminal record (no arrests, max of 1 citation)
  • Candidates may not campaign outside of Firestone
  • The speech must have a legitimate cause and want and may not be one that of a “meme”
  • No current or previous gang affiliation in the past 30 days

Election Schedule

Campaigning shall be open until 8/13/20 at 9:00 PM EST

Voting shall open on 8/13/20 shortly after campaigning ends

Voting shall close on 8/14/20 at 9:00 PM EST

Should there be no more than 1 candidate, voting shall not occur and the one that meet the signature requirement shall be elected into office.

Candidates are expected to post their speech after they obtain 16 signatures. Candidates shall not be on the ballot unless they post their speech on this thread.

Should anyone have any questions, my DMs are always open. Good luck.

The Right Honorable Lieutenant Governor Sharkfish82

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so ur opening elections for over a month???

Shh, its fixed


what about instead of no arrests, ALL TYPES of arrests on my record :flushed:

I’ve officially reached the signature requirement of 16.

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Posted for him, he’s busy Kadirmuedin2010 For Senate

He reached 16, and it was posted at 7:59 just to confirm!

Not valid, specifically states the candidate must post it

the candidate cannot post it because he does not have a forums account


Oh nvm