Senate Special Election (2021-8)

Firestone Senate Special Elections of September 2021

Positions Available: 1

Required Signatures: 15

Election Sponsor: Lieutenant Governor Stamose

Election Guidelines

-Candidates must create a speech.

-The speech must have been created on the Firestone Forums after the creation of this post.

-Candidates may not slander other candidates. Slander shall be defined as knowingly raising false allegations designed to hurt someone’s reputation.

-Candidates may not have any criminal record. Arrests will not be permitted, however, few citations will not disqualify any candidate.

-Candidates may not maliciously harass anyone for support. Messaging others for support through Discord or ROBLOX is permitted.

-Candidates are expected to post their speech after they obtain 15 signatures. Candidates shall also not be on the ballot unless they post their speech on this thread.

Election Guidelines

Campaigning shall be open until 9/26/2021 at 10:17 PM EST

Voting shall open on 9/26/2021 at 10:18 PM EST

Voting shall close on 9/27/2021 at 10:00 PM EST

Should there be no more than 1 candidate, voting shall not occur and all of those that meet the aforementioned guidelines shall be elected into office.

Should anyone have any questions, feel free to DM me at Stamose#7046. Best of luck to all candidates.

/s/ Lieutenant Governor Stamose


Hello Firestone! I’m SnappyFoes. I’ve decided to send in a speech as I’ll be running for senate. I’m gonna start this speech by talking about my great experience within the RP community of Firestone to draw the attention of many.

I joined Firestone most recently and I have enjoyed every aspect of this community. Most everyone has made RP a fun and healthy environment for myself and I assume others, it’s great to see such an advance RP system within this state. I’m very impressed by what I’ve experienced and in return I’ll represent the people of the state for giving myself such a great experience.

If I was asked about past experience, I simply wouldn’t be able to tell the people I’ve had past experience honestly. Where is a better place to start than in this beautiful state? Nowhere I’d rather be!

What will I do as senate if selected over other candidates?

I will start by saying I have respect for all candidates who are running, God bless all of you.

I will provide service to our state by ensuring the people have a say in bills that will affect our state in both good and bad ways, I will ensure the people have a say over the majority and minority, it’s about the say of the people. I will ensure the voice of the minority is heard just as loud as the majority. I will ensure all voices are heard and every bill passed has a positive affect on our state for the better.

Elect SnappyFoes to make Firestone great again and build back better.

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you post it on its own thread not here



I have obtained the necessary amount of signatures Hecxtro for Senate (2021-8)


Good luck all and remember not to post your speech directly here

@anon53012218 has been elected.

Jayhawk for senator